Zeronsec Partners with Web Werks Data Centers to Offer Advanced SOC as a Service

Zeronsec Partners with Web Werks Data Centers to Provide State-of-the-Art Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

Zeronsec Partners with Web Werks Data Centers to Provide State-of-the-Art Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

[Mumbai, May 22, 2024] – Zeronsec, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Web Werks Data Centers, a leading data center service provider in India. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the security infrastructure and operational efficiency for businesses relying on Web Werks' extensive network of data centers.

Under this partnership, Zeronsec will deliver comprehensive Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service to Web Werks' clientele. This service is designed to provide real-time threat monitoring, rapid incident response, and advanced threat intelligence, ensuring the highest level of security for critical data and applications. The Zeronsec and Web Werks partnership offers several key benefits, including enhanced security monitoring and response through Zeronsec's 24/7 SOC services, which utilize advanced AI and machine learning technologies for real-time threat detection and response. Clients gain from Zeronsec's expertise and continuous innovation in cybersecurity, ensuring access to the latest threat detection methodologies. The partnership also provides cutting-edge threat intelligence, helping businesses proactively defend against evolving cyber threats. Additionally, Zeronsec's scalable and flexible SOC services enable businesses of all sizes to tailor their security solutions to meet specific needs and regulatory requirements.

We are thrilled to partner with Web Werks Data Centers to deliver our SOC as a Service to their extensive customer base,” said Dipak Vagadiya, Founder & CEO of Zeronsec. “This collaboration enables us to combine our cybersecurity expertise with Web Werks’ robust infrastructure, offering unparalleled security solutions that protect businesses in an increasingly complex digital landscape.”

Security is paramount for our customers, and partnering with Zeronsec allows us to elevate our security offerings to new heights,” said Amit Agrawal, Chief Business Officer of Web Werks – Iron Mountain Data Centers. “With Zeronsec’s SOC services, our clients can rest assured that their data and applications are protected by the best in the industry, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives without worrying about cyber threats.”

The integration of Zeronsec’s SOC as a Service into Web Werks’ data centers is set to be seamless, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum security enhancement. This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions and supporting the digital transformation journey of businesses across various sectors.

About Zeronsec:

Zeronsec, founded by a seasoned Silicon Valley industry veteran, is a specialized cybersecurity firm at the forefront of innovation. With a dedicated R&D wing focused on researching evolving cyber threats, Zeronsec leverages its extensive experience in building and managing some of the world's largest security operations centers. Their proprietary, pre-integrated SIEM, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence technologies set them apart, enabling the delivery of highly efficient Security Operations as a Service. For more information, visit

About Web Werks

Web Werks has put together an extensive range of colocation and hosting services, designed to deliver wholesale, retail and hyper-scale hosting facilities via strategically planned Tier 3 data center facilities in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, with a focus on strengthening the carrier, cloud and content-neutral interconnection ecosystem for businesses across the nation. Web Werks has undertaken work on data centers in Kolkata and Chennai as well. Web Werks joint venture engagement with Iron Mountain Data Centers in April 2021 has opened up the ecosystem, access to over 21 data centers across three continents – US, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions, offering a globally interconnected ecosystem. Web Werks supports a broad base of well-known brands from Enterprise, BFSI, SMEs and OTTs who require the ability to efficiently and effectively scale their online businesses. For more information, visit

Web Werks Data Centers are leaders in India for the past two decades. Each of our facility is a High-density, Hyper-scale and Artificial Intelligence-powered infrastructure, offering best-in-class service support and uptime. We aim to maintain and keep raising these standards with new Data Centers across India to ensure that our clients achieve business efficiency by addressing all concerns regarding their Data Center needs with unprecedented ease.