Web Werks introduces a cloud engineering platform – VMX | Webwerks

Web Werks introduces a cloud engineering platform – VMX

Web Werks introduces a cloud engineering platform – VMX

Web Werks has announced the launch of a Cloud-Ready Engineering Platform – Web Werks VMX. The cloud-ready operating model will equip enterprises with future-proof solutions and rich functionality in terms of:

  • Connected Baremetal (High end) machines
  • VMX Hosted Private Cloud for HIPPA and PCI DSS complied industry with a multi-regional approach
  • VMX DR: Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Public Cloud-as-a-Service to launch DBaaS, AI, ML, and analytics integration

In today’s software-defined competitive environments, enterprises endeavor to redefine their product portfolios to build margins, alter architectures and establish themselves in a strong market and cost position. In such scenarios, there is a pressing need for a single platform that can span private, distributed and public clouds so that operators can manage their traditional and modern applications using a consistent cloud platform. Web Werks VMX empowers its customers through software-defined products and restructuring. It bridges the gap between public and hybrid cloud, places a focus on software add-ons, builds the marketplace and ultimately creates a unique ecosystem and subscription model for cloud consumption.

The pandemic has impacted the way businesses communicate with their customers creating an accelerated urgency for CIOs to create new operating models that realign business objectives. We dug into infrastructure challenges and innovated this Cloud Engineering Platform to address and facilitate both present as well as future requirements. Through our Cloud-Ready operating model we’ve aimed at bringing in simplicity, quick implementation options, and easy adoptions, empowering our customers with dynamic operational agility and business resilience” says Nikhil Rathi CEO and Founder of Web Werks India.

Web Werks is SAP certified, high-density, hyper-scale, and artificial intelligence-powered infrastructures, offering best-in-class service support and uptime. Comprising of a rich fabric of local, regional, national, and global Tier 1 Carriers, 180+ ISPs, major Content Delivery Networks, and Cloud Service Providers, Web Werks’s robust Interconnection ecosystem facilitates flawless connectivity to India’s largest Peering Exchanges like DE-CIX, Extreme IX, and NIXI, along with Cloud On-ramp services for major Hyperscale CSPs like AWS, Azure, and Google. The focus on low latency connectivity accompanied with exceptional network performance ensures that Web Werks’ customer workloads are supported no matter the capacity. Web Werks is also a MEITY empanelled cloud provider that hosts Government data/ servers at their three data centers in Mumbai, Pune & Noida. This enables the public sector enterprises to deploy their workloads (data/ servers) on Government Community Cloud or Govt. Public Cloud or Govt. Private Cloud, created specifically for them.