Web Werks and Nutanix collaborates for a strategic partnership | Webwerks

Web Werks and Nutanix collaborates for a strategic partnership

Web Werks and Nutanix collaborates for a strategic partnership

Web Werks, one of India's largest independent data centre providers, announced a strategic relationship with Nutanix, a pioneer in hybrid multi-cloud computing, to further expand the benefits of the Web Werks cloud-ready platform and assist businesses accelerate cloud adoption.

“The Pandemic has fueled digital transformation. Web Werks VMX will deliver a cloud-ready operating model to our customers bringing in simplicity, quick implementation options, and easy adoptions, empowering businesses with dynamic operational agility and business resilience. Enterprises can get all their cloud computing services under a single roof which consists of colocation services, a rich interconnection ecosystem, ease of migration, support, and synchronisation with effective cloud infrastructure,” said Nikhil Rathi, CEO, and founder of Web Werks.

The solution offered through ‘Web Werks VMX (Virtual Machine for Nutanix)’ will bridge the gap between public and hybrid cloud, focus on software add-ons, build the marketplace, and ultimately create a unique ecosystem and subscription model for cloud consumption. The Web Werks VMX cloud engineering platform will provide a zero-code change and a reliable option for storing data with no-egress charges. This will benefit new-age companies and enterprises, currently locked in with certain cloud providers to simplify their IT operations, business applications, and workloads.

Commenting on the association, Faiz Shakir, Managing Director – Sales, Nutanix India, said: “With this natural partnership with Web Werks, our aim is to create a modernized ecosystem with reduced barriers, where more customers can deploy their service offerings and scale their business. The VMX platform can help businesses run more securely using a 3-5 tier architecture to dramatically improve uptime. Globally, Nutanix is observing hybrid multi-cloud adoption, along with increasing demand for more modern data centers; we believe our partnership with Web Werks will help customers capture real value from the best of both models.

” Web Werks VMX will enable customers to deploy Nutanix solutions on a robust cloud platform that can be used to implement a private cloud within the data center while also supporting intelligent software to seamlessly integrate public cloud application platforms. This will be accompanied by the agility to scale without further capital investments. Services include Hosted Private Infrastructure, Kubernetes engineering clusters for ISVs, Bare Metal services to support the customer’s PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance, Disaster Recovery Solutions (DRaaS), Database-as-a-service, and more.

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