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Service Level Agreement

This Agreement is effective the date on which Service Order Form (SOF) is placed and Customer accepts the terms as mentioned in the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and this Service Level Agreement (SLA) which forms part of the SOF. This Agreement is between Web Werks India Private Limited hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider” and ______________________________ hereinafter referred to as “Customer”>, and is valid for a term as stated in the SOF. The terms of this Agreement shall apply only to those Services which are referred in the SOF and any Supplemental Services agreed by both the Parties.

This Agreement provides the right - under certain circumstances specified below, for a Customer to receive Services Credits in the event of failure to provide Services by the Service Provider to the Customer as mentioned in SOF in accordance with (i) the MSA, (ii) Service Provider’s AUP and (iii) this SLA, each of which is incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof (collectively the "Documents")

Service Provider and the Customer shall be referred collectively as “Parties”. Unless the context otherwise requires, all capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings as found in MSA. Other terms may be defined elsewhere in the text of this Agreement and, unless otherwise indicated, shall have such meaning throughout this Agreement. All capitalized terms used in this Agreement defined in the MSA and the SOF and not defined hereunder shall have the same meaning as defined in the MSA or the SOF. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement with respect to the Services to be provided by Service Provider to Customer.

Customer acknowledges that the Service Provider has the expertise and knowledge for providing the Services as mentioned in the SOF. The Customer has shown his interest in availing the Services provided by Service Provider by completing the SOF by accepting the terms, conditions as mentioned in the MSA and the standard of the Service as provided in this SLA.

Service Provider agrees to provide the services to Customer as detailed in SOF for an Initial Period as mentioned in SOF and for said period the Customer has agreed to pay the amount as agreed in the SOF.


In this Agreement, the following words and expressions, unless inconsistent with the context, shall bear the meanings assigned thereto:
  • "Customer Area" means the rack or any space provided by Service Provider to Customer where the server of Service Provider is located for the purpose of providing Services.
  • "Downtime" ("D") shall mean the duration of the Service Outage, calculated in aggregate number of hours in any year. The time period is calculated on the basis of the Trouble Ticket initiated by the Customer and ending when the Trouble Ticket is closed by Service Provider subject to due confirmation from the Customer on resolution of the outage. The time periods are calculated on basis on the number of outages per year and excluding the events covered under headings Exceptions to this SLA which shall not for the purposes of this SLA be included while measuring Downtime.
  • "Exceptions"– shall mean maintenance carried out under a condition or situation which poses danger to the system, equipment, network, facilities required for rendering the Service etc. as the case may be and has to be attended immediately. Service Provider shall try to notify the Customer about the emergency maintenance in advance, whenever feasible.
  • "Emergency Maintenance"– Your account is for your exclusive and individual use only; multiple concurrent logins of the same account are not allowed. Beyond the fact that allowing others to use your account is prohibited, consider that you become responsible for the charges incurred by someone else that you have allowed to use your account. For this reason you must protect your account and password as you would any other personal resource such as your telephone or credit card number.
  • "Facility"– The facility is located at office of Web Werks Datacenter in ________ (location) where Service Provider provides space, racks for placing the servers.
  • "Fees"– means the amount invoiced by Service Provider other than the Initial Term fees to be paid to by the Customer for use of services provided by Service Provider.
  • "Master Service Agreement"– means the agreement which the Customer had acknowledged and agreed to the terms mentioned therein.
  • "Network"– means the portion internal computer network owned or operated on behalf of Service Provider that extends from the outbound port on a Customer’s cabinet switch to the outbound port on the border router and includes all redundant internet connectivity, bandwidth, routers, cabling and switches.
  • "Actual Uptime" ("A")– is the aggregate percentage of Total Uptime Hours in a year during which the Services is actually made available for use by Customer.
  • "Representatives"– means any person who is nominated or appointed by the Customer to visit the Facility center.
  • "Service Credits"– shall mean services which the Customer would be entitled on account of failure of the Service Provider to provide Services as per the standards mentioned in this Agreement.
  • "Service Catalogue"– shall contain all or any of services/facilities viz., back up facility, dedicated firewall facility, hardware monitoring facility, help desk support, load balance server, network and power uptime, OS management, shared firewall service and Version Control described in Annexure A to this SLA which may be availed by the Customer along with the Services as mentioned in the SOF from Service Provider.
  • "Service Outage"– shall mean an unscheduled disruption/failure in any Service offered by Service Provider as per this Agreement, due to which Customer’s server is un- accessible to Customer. The outage of Services due to, but not limited to the following shall be a Service Outage. Customer is unable to transmit to or receive information from his network equipment because Service Provider failed to provide facility services to its network equipment including, switch, router, firewall etc. Failure of Services like Internet connectivity, IDC LAN etc. shall also be treated as Service Outage.
  • "Space"– The Portion of rack which is leased/licensed to Customer for placing their server.
  • "Setup Charges"– means all charges which may be incurred by Web Werks for installing the server or any other expenses incurred for the commencement of Services to the Customer.
  • "Support Desk"– shall be the location where the Customer should report a fault. Details of the same are mentioned in the clause 9 of this SLA, or if changed, may be intimated from time to time by Service Provider to the Customer.
  • "Total Uptime Hours"– shall mean 24 hours, 365 days a year. (Year is defined as period of 365 days)
  • "Trouble Ticket"– means issuing a ticket with a unique identification number confirming the customer complaint logging in with Service Provider in relation to a Service Outage faced by the Customer. The ticket can be raised customer by sending a mail to


In this Agreement, the following words and expressions, unless inconsistent with the context, shall bear the meanings assigned thereto:
  • 2.1 Service Provider will provide the Services as per the services opted by the Customer in the SOF, details of all the services are provided in the Service Catalogue which is provided in Annexure A along with this SLA.
  • 2.2 Service Provider assures that it shall provide its immediate support and assistance in the event of any disruption in the Services being provided by Web Werks. The manner and time frame for troubleshooting and the timelines for the resolution of the problems are mentioned in the Annexure A of this Agreement.
  • 2.3 Services will be provided to the Customer by the Service Provider with the infrastructure available at its data center which consists of the following:
    • Uninterrupted and Continuous Power Supply
    • Uninterrupted and Continuous Cooling
    • Capability to provide 99.995 % Uptime
    • 3 Layer Security System
    • Carrier Neutral Datacenter
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • 2.4 Service Provider assures the Customer 99.95 % uptime availability of the Infrastructure including Power* and Cooling** and Network*** covered by this SLA. Hardware Uptimes SLA for Web Werks provided hardware would be 4 hours resolution from the time of detection of hardware problem either by the service provider help desk or by the customer. Subject to clause 3 of this Agreement, in the event the Service Provider fails to provide the Customer with the Services required by the Customer in accordance with the Agreement, such failure resulting from complete unavailability of Service Provider Network, such events will be treated as “Qualified Network Downtime Event” for which Service Provider will issue the Customer a Service Credit - calculated as per method provided in clause 2.5.


    1. Servers without Redundant Power Supply (RPS).
    2. Servers without Redundant Power Supply (RPS) would carry 95% Uptime SLA. The Service credit calculation method and Service credits remains the same as mentioned in the Clause 2.5.
    3. Servers Designated as Self-Managed or Unmanaged
    4. Software Crashes affecting hardware.

    ** Service provider assures to provide cooling @ 22°C (+/-) 5°C and Humidity levels @40% (+/-) 10%.

    *** Network uptime is considering multiple ISPs in BGP4 routed mode only if internet bandwidth is subscribed from Web Werks.

  • 2.5 If the Actual Uptime (A) calculated is less than 99.95%, the following Credits shall be due to Customer:
    • A >= 99.95% No Credits
    • A= 99.95% < 98.00% 2 days equivalent service credit for the Service period affected calculated on a prorate basis.
    • A= 98% < 10 days equivalent service credit for the Service period affected calculated on a prorate basis
    • Calculation of Actual Uptime (A) % = (Total Uptime Hours –Actual Downtime / Total Uptime Hours ) x 100.
  • 2.6 WEB WERKS, after intensive research of our internal systems, can safely guarantee of 99.95% for data center infrastructure, network and server uptime which will be closely and transparently monitored by WEB WERKS monitoring systems, within WEB WERKS network. We provide guarantee only against failures arising due to problems in the network or power. Thus, only these failures will be covered by this Service Level Agreement. Examples of aforementioned failures include interruption in power supply, failure of power supply, interruptions or failure of network services. Any issues arising out of Customer's server which may include the Operating System, any installed software, or Customer's interaction with third party, will not be covered under this Service Level Agreement and WEB WERKS does not guarantee any Credit or Remedy for the same. Web Werks reserves the right to disconnect the customer’s server in the event that the customer’s server security is compromised, till such time as any security compromises have been rectified. These compromises may include such events as Denial of Service attacks, unauthorized broadcasts, Virus / Trojan / Worm infections, etc. Web Werks takes no responsibility for a virus infection though anti-virus is included, since the anti-virus is a third party product.
  • 2.7 Uptime Report Uptime report for the network connectivity, servers and power will be generated through PRTG monitoring service and submitted to client with invoice if required.
  • 2.8 Resource scalability
    • Web Werks provide an optional feature of resource scalability for cloud servers hosted on Web Werks Cloud.
    • The customer's Cloud server can be provided additional resources as and when the need arises, based on the sole discretion of WEB WERKS proposed cloud technology and end customer.
    • Resources can be made available to the server manually when such a requirement is detected subject to certain conditions as mentioned herewith.
    • Cloud can scale to accommodate resource requirement but shall not, in any case, exceed the maximum limit set on the hardware node which the client's server is hosted or the total limit of resources allocated inside a customers account.
    • WEB WERKS does not guarantee unlimited resource scaling beyond the set limit. WEB WERKS reserves the right to decide the maximum limit of resource allocation.
    • Resources, as defined below, include but are not limited to the RAM, CPU, Servers and any other Hardware or Software involved in provisioning of the Services mentioned in this Agreement.
    • Any extra resources that are allocated under resource scalability will be chargeable extra
  • 2.9 Responsibility for Cloud Infrastructure Management and Security (IaaS)

    Following is the shared responsibility matrix for cloud IaaS model that is offered by Web Werks and will be applicable to all cloud customers.

    Responsibility Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)
    Client Application
    Client Data
    Client Runtime
    Client Middleware
    Client Operating System
    Web Werks /Client Cloud Management
    Web Werks Hypervisor
    Web Werks Servers
    Web Werks Storage
    Web Werks Networking

    Shared Responsibility Matrix: Management and Security IaaS

    *Cloud Management: The VPC Management Portal will be configured by Web Werks Team initially and handed over to client team for management.

          Any outage, brownout due to DDOS


  • 3.1 The following events do not constitute a Downtime and shall not be eligible to be considered for any Service Credit:
    1. Interruption due to scheduled maintenance, alteration, or implementation, where the Service Provider provides at least 12 hour prior notice;
    2. Failure of the Customer links, internet connectivity or end user software, access circuits, local loop or any network not owned or managed by Service Provider.
    3. Anything inside Client’s internal network including, but not limited to, firewall configuration and bandwidth to internet, local area workstations, servers, Software, and configuration
    4. Time taken during offline backups.
    5. DNS issues not in scope and control of Service Provider.
    6. Negligence or other conduct of Customer or its Authorized Persons, including a failure or malfunction resulting from applications or services provided by Customer or its Authorized Persons;
    7. A shut down due to circumstances reasonably believed by Service Provider to be a significant threat to the normal operation of the Services, the Service Provider’s facility, or access to or integrity of Customer data (e.g., hacker or virus attack);
    8. Failure or malfunction of any equipment or services not provided by Service Provider;
    9. Failure of Customer to purchase minimum redundant systems necessary to support this warranty; or
    10. Failure in notifying the Service Desk about service outage within 15 minutes of the outage as mentioned in clause 6.1 (a)
    11. Any abuse or fraud failure to comply with the Acceptable User Policy on the part of Customer and its Authorized Persons.
    12. Any utilized Scheduled Service Downtime.
    13. Any problems outside the Service Provider Facility Network.
    14. Any interruptions, delays or failures caused by Client or Client’s employees, agents, or subcontractors, such as, but not limited to, the following:
      • Inaccurate configuration.
      • Non-compliant use of any software installed on the server.
      • Client initiated server over-utilization.
      • Any problems related to the attacks on the machine such as hacking, attacks, and exploits.
    15. Any specific services not in customer opted plan.
    16. Force Majeure event as defined under the MSA.
    17. Any outage, brownout due to DDOS


  • 4.1 Service Provider agrees that it shall provide for the requisite service credits to the Customer in the event of it not being able to provide the Services for which it had already received the payments.
  • 4.2 Service Provider agrees that on occurrence of any event as mentioned in clause 2.2 the Customer would be eligible to request a Service Credit on compliance of the terms as mentioned in clause 6.1.(a) of this SLA. Any delay by the Customer or any acts contrary to the clause 6.1(a) will result in an automatic waiver of Service Credit under this SLA.
  • 4.3 Customer shall be eligible for Service Credit for only those Downtime which has occurred a month prior to the date of claim and the maximum Service Credit to which Customer shall be entitled is as mentioned in clause 6.1.(c). The Customer shall not be entitled to any other Service Credits in respect of such Downtime for other months during the pendency of such Service Credit.
  • 4.4 Service credits are only applicable to customers that are having regularized payments within below defined payment terms.


  • 5.1 The Customer shall pay all the charges for the term as opted by him in the SOF in advance which includes setup charges, yearly recurring charges and other supplemental charges for any Supplemental Services provided during the Initial Term on or before the Service Commencement Date.
  • 5.2 The details of the charges are mentioned in the SOF which forms part of this Agreement.
  • 5.3 All the payments terms mentioned in this Agreement and the obligations of the Parties detailed in MSA shall be followed in true spirit.
  • 5.4 Payment shall be regularly made by customer within 15 Days of raising an invoice by Web Werks billing team.


  • 6.1 Whenever the Customer encounters Service Outage, the following procedure should be followed;
    1. The Customer should contact the Service Provider “Support Desk” within 15 minutes of the outage and shall request for a Trouble Ticket number immediately and track the Trouble Ticket number till the Trouble Ticket is closed on resolution of the outage.
    2. The Service Provider on the receipt of the issue of Trouble Ticket to the Customer shall have a background check to verify if the Customer is eligible for the Service Credit.
    3. If Service Provider in its reasonable commercial judgment believes that it has failed to provide the Services as per the scope mentioned in clause 2.2, the Service Provider shall credit the customer's account the prorated base charges from the day the Trouble Ticket is issued to Customer till the Trouble Ticket is closed on resolution of the outage.
  • 6.2 Service Credit will issue on the first day of the following Service Outage period.


7.1 Warranties of Service Provider

  • 7.1.1 Service Provider warrants that it shall perform and provide Services in a professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with this Agreement.
  • 7.1.2 No other warranties are expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

7.2 Warranties of Customer.

  • 7.2.1 Customer warrants that it has unrestricted right to use the Services provided by Service Provider and shall be used for legal purpose and not for any illegal purposes against the policy mentioned in AUP on the Service Provider’s official website.
  • 7.2.2 The Customer will not do any voice communication from anywhere to anywhere by means of dialing a telephone number (PSTN/ISDN/PLMN) as defined in National Numbering plan .The customer will not originate the voice communication service from a Telephone in India and/or terminate the voice communication to any Telephone within India .
  • 7.2.3 The Customer will not establish any connection to any public switched Network in India and/or established gateway between Internet & PSTN/ISDN/PLMN in India and will not use any dial up lines with outward dialing facility from Nodes.
  • 7.2.4 Customer acknowledges and will not establish any interconnectivity between ISPs who are permitted to offer Internet Telephony Services and the ISPs who are not permitted to offer Internet Telephony Services


  • 8.1 Customer agrees that the Service Provider shall not be deemed negligent, at fault or liable in any respect for any delay, interruption or failure in performance hereunder resulting from fire, flood, water, the elements, explosions, acts of God, war, accidents, labour disputes, strikes, shortages of equipment or suppliers or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Parties delayed or prevented from performing.
  • 8.2 Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Service Provider, its agents, contractors and employees from and against any and all claims, liability, damage, loss or expenses of whatever nature which may arise out of the negligent or intentional acts or omissions of Customer, its agents, employees, contractors or Authorized Persons.
  • 8.3 The Customer agrees that notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement the liability of the Service Provider on account of any claim or cause of action arising on account of breach any of the terms of this agreement shall be limited to the amount of fees paid by the Customer. The limitation set forth in this clause shall apply to all causes of actions or claims in the aggregate, breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, misrepresentation and other torts. Further, the Customer shall enforce any such claim on, referred to in this clause within one month of the alleged breach having taken place. The Service Provider and the Customer expressly acknowledge and agree that the limitations and exclusions contained herein represent agreement of the Parties as to the allocation of risk between the Parties in connection with Service Provider’s obligations under this Agreement.Authorized Representative of customer and Web Werks have read the foregoing and all documents incorporated there in and agree and accept such terms effective as of the date written below.
  • As mentioned in the Service Catalogue the following Services will be provided by the Service Provider. In the event there is a disruption in Service or alarm is triggered, the troubleshooting and resolution of the problem in respect of each applicable, shall be as follows:


    Priority Priority Definition Mean Time to Assist (MTTA) Mean Time to Repair (MTTR ) Updates
    • Maximum number of customers are affected for customer
    • Public facing service is unavailable
    • Any item listed in the Crisis Response tables
    15minutes* 4 Hours 30 Minutes
    • Degraded Service Levels but not processing within SLA constraints or able to perform only minimum level of service
    • It appears cause of incident falls across multiple functional areas
    30 minutes* 8 Hours 1 Hour Interval
    Low Degraded Service Levels but still processing within SLA constraints 1 Hour * 24 Hours 4 Hours

    * Time starts when the problem is detected by Web Werks Help Desk team or reported by the customer and ends on assistance/repair as applicable.


Web Werks will use reasonable efforts to resolve problems as quickly as possible. As Web Werks offers this service based on a combination of third party Hardware & Software, Web Werks will not offer any service credits to the Customer in case of non-availability of his web site due to a problem with the Managed Load Balancing Services. In such cases, Web Werks will work with the customer to remedy problems at the earliest.

The following Services will be provided by the Service Provider when ordered. In the event there is a disruption in Service or alarm is triggered, the troubleshooting and resolution of the problem in respect of each Service shall be as follows:

1. Back Up Service

Web Werks provides back-up service using state-of-the-art back-up infrastructure and backup software. The backup is done on a dedicated SAN/NAS/Tape box.

A daily snapshot backup of servers will be taken (Only if service is avail) as per the policy. I.e. daily incremental backup.

Web Werks offers Acronis Standard Cloud Backup and Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup as option under backup solution. Only available supported features under each of this edition will be supported by Web Werks under backup. Features and comparison between both the above editions are available on Acronis web site (click here).

1. Backup Strategy:The sample backup strategy can be set as show below:

  • Backup Type: Disk to Disk
  • Backup Method (Incremental, Full)
  • Backup Frequency (Daily & Weekly)
  • Retention Policy (Week & Month)
  • Backup Monitoring and Reporting – email notifications

2. Dedicated Firewall

Service Includes: Management of the Firewall, which forms the core component of all the above services, covers the following activities:

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of firewall functionality
  • Maintenance (Add/ Delete/Modify) and management of the customer specific policies on the Firewall. Any change to the customer specific configuration is only done on authorization from the customer.
  • System administration for firewall, including updates and hot fixes that affect performance of firewall
  • Firewall configuration data backup (once a week or whenever there is a configuration change)
  • Copies of log file reports upon request for customer records for the past seven days*
  • * Daily log analysis is provided as optional services and treated as professional service. This service will be quoted separately based on the request by the customer.

Services Not Included

  • Load balancing
  • Direct access to Network engineering
  • Permanent archival storage of log files

3. Infrastructure Monitoring

Basic Monitoring Service : Availability Monitoring (ICMP Ping), 24/7 Port Monitoring (HTTP, SSH, FTP, SMTP).

Advanced Monitoring Service :24/7 Server Monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) , 24 x 7 x365. Email alerts on threshold violation.

4. Help Desk Support

Web Werks Enterprise Services Network operations Center is the single point of contact for all customers 24x7x365 and is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and management of the Web Werks network
  • Reporting, resolving and responding to incidents, services requests, problems and change requests
  • Managing trouble tickets and Customer escalation management
  • Change Management handling for planned (scheduled) and urgent maintenance Activities
  • Availability: 24x7x365

The customer is required to open a ticket by sending an email with the below information at so that the DC team has the required information to assist the customer.

  • Server Hostname
  • IP Address of the server
  • For network issues (latency/unreachability etc) bi-directional traceroute and ping reports are required
  • Customer test results that may help us troubleshoot
  • Start time of the incident
  • A brief description of the incident
  • Contact information of customer SPoC to coordinate with to work on the ticket

Escalation Matrix

Escalation Matrix for Servers
Level   Contact Name Designation Contact Number Email Address
Immediate 24x7 Support Staff L1 Support
+91-22-40500600/ 91-22-
(Press 3 on IVR for Support)
After 2
Mr. Uday Patil Transition Manager +91 91520 49871
After 4
Mr. Ameya Jaguste Technical
+91 96198 76532
After 6
Mr. Sanjay Shah Sr. NOC
+91 82912 68933
After 8
Mr. Mayuresh
+91 98194 90025
After 12
CEO’s Office OSD
Escalation Matrix for Network
Level   Contact Name Designation Contact Number Email Address
Immediate 24x7 Support Staff L1 Support
+91-22-40500600/ 91-22-
(Press 3 on IVR for Support)
After 2
Mr. Nitesh
Team Lead +91 82862 60548
After 4
Mr. Amol
Team Lead +91 80975 22485
After 6
Mr. Pramod
+91 89768 35301
After 8
Mr. Sanjay
Sr. NOC Manager +91 82912 68933
After 10
Mr. Gagan
AVP & Head
+91 96198 76964
After 12
CEO’s Office OSD

5. Infrastructure , Network and Power Uptime :

Web Werks Datacenters offer

  • Uninterrupted and Continuous Power
  • 3 Layer Security System
  • Carrier Neutral Datacenter
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • Web Werks commits a 99.95% uptime commitment on Infrastructure, Network and Power and cooling components. In the unlikely event of a violation of the uptime commitment, customers are eligible for service credits as per the nature and duration of the outage as per the standard SLA.

6. Load Balancer Services:

Services Description

Web Werks will set up, operate and manage the Load Balancers for the Customers.Service offerings include the following –

  • Configuration of Load balancer
  • Shared / Dedicated Load Balancer as per requirement
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of Load Balancer functionality
  • Copies of log file reports upon request for customer records for the past seven days*
  • System administration for the Load Balancer, including updates and hot fixes that affect performance
  • Configuration data backup (once a week or whenever there is a configuration change)

Services Not Included

  • Direct access to Network engineering
  • Permanent archival storage of log files

7. OS support for various Operating Systems 24x7.

Set Up Process

Operating Software Provisioning  
OS hardening (One Time Activity)  
Critical patch integration  
Server rack setup  
Infrastructure equipment setup  
Power wiring and circuit setup  
IP Address allocation  

OS Management Services :

  • Server Monitoring and Management
  • Disk space Management
  • Performance Management for
    • Disk and Network I/O
    • CPU Utilization
  • Application of patches and upgrades as and when released by OS vendors (Subject to confirmation by customer)
  • The customer would be informed about all patch update within 24Hrs from the time of intimation of new patches being available to our service delivery time.

OS Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux

Note: Incase Web Werks has not provided the licensed software, it is the responsibility of the Customer to provide licensed software. Web Werks does not take any responsibility if the customer has not complied to any laws of Licensing.

Terms and Conditions: Web Werks reserves the right to modify the server manufacturer at any time. In the event that Web Werks changes the server manufacturers, customers are assured that the specifications contracted will remain the same. Please contact us for details pertaining to any other server configurations that might be available.


For (Customer Organization) For Web Werks India Pvt Ltd
Name: Name:
Signature: Signature:
Title : Director Title : Director
Company Stamp: Company Stamp:
Date : Date :
Address: Address: 4th Floor,
The Ruby,29,Senapati Bapat Marg,
Dadar(West), Mumbai 400028
Tele: +91 22 40500600
Fax: +91 22 40500630
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