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Load Balancing


Why Choose Web Werks?

load balancing solutions distribute site traffic among multiple servers – automatically or on-demand, through a redundant network

Multi region availability when ordered across geographies.

Our managed load balancing solution provides better availability that further augments the website performance

Better load handling capacity helps to upkeep performance of your website and the user experience

Our skilled technicians are available 24x7 to monitor your servers so that your servers are well managed

A Practical Virtual Load Balancing Solution

When 100% uptime is essential to your business, having a cloud load balancing service that understands the importance of performance and reliability is critical. When looking for a service near me, look no further than Web Werks. We have data centers and service providers throughout the world, including India, the Netherlands, and in the United States.

Our virtual load balancing solutions are designed to build in redundancy and to distribute the workload across multiple servers at peak workload times. The result for end-users is website access and access to data and cloud-based systems that is always optimized for peak performance.

No Downtime

Through our Web Werks cloud load balancing service, we can assure our customers there will be no downtime and no distribution of service to your end-users. The website will be up 100% of the time, and access to data or services through your site will always be available to users.

In addition, we offer around-the-clock, 365 days a year technical support. This is part of the virtual load balancing solution and support we provide as a standard component to our services. Our managed services are provided across our network. We offer multi geographic zones to ensure full compliance with any regulations or data requirements based on your industry standards and mandates.

The virtual load balancing solution is customized to your business, website, and user experience requirements. Our team works closely with your IT team to optimize performance and to provide a customized solution that exceeds your expectations.