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Interconnection Services

How Web Werks Interconnection Ecosystem Makes a Difference

Web Werks offers the most connected data centers in India. Our network ecosystem comprises a rich fabric of global Tier-1 carriers, 200+ ISPs, and major CDNs. Our rich interconnection ecosystem extends its connectivity to India’s largest peering exchanges DE-CIX, Extreme IX & NIXI, along with cloud on-ramp with major Hyperscaler cloud providers.The data center landscape facilitates multiple entry points with numerous redundant fiber paths into the data centers, ensuring the interconnectivity of your systems without interruptions.

Leverage Interconnection

Key Service Features That Make Web Werks Interconnection Uninterruptible

  • cross connects cross connects

    Cross Connects

    Cross Connects within the data centers provide direct private connections to a vibrant digital ecosystem of business partners, network service providers, and cloud providers. Facilitate low-latency connections with cross-connects that provide speedy and affordable integration, lightning-fast data exchange, and uninterrupted interconnectivity between your business ecosystem.

  • Hosted Internet Bandwidth Hosted Internet Bandwidth

    Hosted Internet Bandwidth

    Let your business function with the highest network uptimes and speeds with Web Werks' hosted internet bandwidth solutions. A system that draws from the networks of multiple service providers with multiple redundancies for high-speed data transfer and committed performance. We provide flexible plans for our managed internet to suit all your requirements. You also get the benefit of Direct Internet Access (DIA) with committed and burstable bandwidth options with Web Werks. For customers looking for usage based billing, we also offer a data transfer billing option.

  • Cloud On-Ramp Cloud On-Ramp

    Cloud On-Ramp

    Web Werks enables your organization to scale your deployments over multi-cloud environments through Cloud On-Ramp with all major Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). We provide a flexible and scalable way to connect to multiple cloud providers via a single access port. Imbue agility and resilience into your business with a digital infrastructure that can be mobilized on demand and at scale.



    Web Werks powers your business with SD-WAN-based DC/DR accelerated replication with high-availability multi-tenanted hubs and smart DNS service. Take your business performance to the next level with SD-WAN Edge Devices and 40 Gbps data center sizing.

Carrier-Dense Interconnection: The Web Werks Advantage

Interconnection is Simply Better with Web Werks

Web Werks facilitates an efficient peering ecosystem between large Telcos and ISPs for a carrier-neutral interconnection. Designated Meet-Me rooms carry the infrastructure needed to exchange traffic and stay updated with the advances in interconnection facilities. Meet your constantly evolving needs with the multiple carriers and ISPs in our data centers, offering dense connectivity options.

Web Werks provides you with an interconnection infrastructure that helps in reducing data communication costs with utmost reliability by establishing connections over a LAN fiber cable within the data center, eliminating transport costs from the ecosystem.

With Web Werks, your business can upscale its operations over 3 Internet Exchanges (IXs) available within the data centers. The operator can further adjust routing to avoid bottlenecks and optimize performance since peering essentially keeps traffic local to avoid the latency caused by multiple Internet hops.

With data centers spanning over 20+ markets across the globe, Web Werks is a MeitY empanelled and SAP-certified data center and cloud provider with a track record of reliability with enterprises and government businesses.