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Do you need a data hosting service?

Do you need a data hosting service?
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Collecting data, processing it and finally culling it to fuel your business decisions is imperative at a day and age where technology is omnipresent. And hence, the next obvious question that every business needs to ask is, ‘where are we storing our data?’

Even though many of us have never even set foot into a data center, as citizens of a connected, data-driven world, we are highly dependent on data center services - the same way we rely on efficient water supply, transport infrastructure, and electrical grids.

We have all heard about how data is the oil of the digital era. Collecting data, processing it and finally culling it to fuel your business decisions is imperative at a day and age where technology is omnipresent. And hence, the next obvious question that every business needs to ask is, ‘where are we storing our data?’ A lot rides on proper storage, security, and handling of data. So, one of the top priorities of any business should be to find the right place to house it all.

Understanding data centers

Data centers have been around since the dawn of modern computing. However, as the demand for more and more information increased, the need for data centers grew with the world now having millions of data centers spread across geographies. Data centers are what make a lot of online services possible – from website hosting to instant messaging, from supporting cloud applications to enabling e-commerce transactions – and are tasked with collecting, storing and distributing huge amounts of data.

Why do you need a data hosting service?

As your business evolves, the amount of data you deal with multiplies. This includes not only internal data viz. files, documents, contracts and more but also external data such as customer and stakeholder information and sensitive information related to your clients. As you expand, your business will have to step up to become a guardian of large amounts of crucial data that enables your business. And consequently, you are bound to feel the need for reliable data hosting services to aid better data management.

IT consolidation

Enterprises that have not yet embraced digital transformation truly are still working on fragmented data spread across different functions of the organization. This approach not only fails to give a consolidated top view of information flow but also slows down the organization in terms of its day-to-day operations. When you have a dedicated enterprise-wide data hosting service, it helps reduce barriers to internal operations that affect the speed and efficiency of customer service.

Data security

Needless to say, security has to be the first and foremost priority of any organization which collects customer/client/employee information for any reason. Organizations will be needed to put robust systems and processes in place that are monitored regularly and updated frequently. As a business that needs to focus on its products and services more than anything else, it makes sense to outsource this responsibility to data hosting providers which already have strong security checks and systems in place and have expertise in identifying and handling risks efficiently.

Better margins

A lot of businesses hold back their investments in external data storage for the fear of the initial capital costs. However, what they don’t consider are the much higher returns which they could get as a result of an efficient data storage and management system. Without having to spend additional resources for IT infrastructure and management, data hosting solutions allow businesses to leverage crucial technical resources promptly and cost-effectively. Moreover, businesses could opt for dedicated servers or co-location plans depending on your requirements. Additionally, as data hosting vendors start to offer pay-as-you-go subscription services, the affordability and consequent returns become worth considering.


As your business expands, you may have to invest heavily in IT infrastructure and security to make your operations scalable. Instead, it is much wiser to go for a data hosting solution that takes care of changing business requirements and can be scaled up or down as per market and business dynamics. A competent data hosting service responds to business growth seamlessly. For a hassle-free experience, it is important for businesses to choose a data hosting provider which can offer robust infrastructure reliant on modern automation technology and sustainable processes to facilitate seamless data management.

Considering the dynamism of the Indian business environment, Indian businesses could benefit a lot from the proximity of their data hosting provider. As one of the leading data hosting providers in the country, Web Werks offers an interesting mix of solutions for businesses wanting to host their data in a secure and reliable facility. Here are some of the services offered by Web Werks:

Colocation Services: From rack units to half or full racks, right through to your private cage, all with flexible power, network and bandwidth options at affordable rates.

Dedicated Servers: Web Werks Bare Metal Servers as single-tenant hosting solution for high performance and robust computing power. Additional, customized configurations are offered which can be scaled as per business needs.

Cloud Services: Custom-designed cloud solutions backed by low-latency route optimization engine for maximum network performance and driven by expert professionals

VPS Hosting: Enterprise-class computing environment that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising security. Get complete access to services similar to dedicated servers at a fraction of cost.

For rapidly developing businesses, it is important to have a platform that can keep up with the pace and scale up quickly with growing needs. If you are looking for the perfect data hosting service, choose Web Werks. To know more, click here.