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Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Web Werks' data centers span different seismic zones, providing your company with a managed DR solution with quick failovers and failbacks. Our disaster recovery strategies cover your needs from end to end:


Web Werks' clouds provide prompt disaster response and ensure quick recovery for your organization. Our certified disaster recovery experts help your organization implement a robust DRaaS framework, accelerating your path to becoming a resilient, agile, and disaster-secure organization.

Infallible DR Solutions, On Demand

Web Werks functions on the highest and most stringent industry benchmarks for our disaster recovery ecosystem. Our data centers orchestrate a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as per the standards of the industry.

Our Data Centre – Disaster Recovery (DC-DR) is ISO, MEITY, and TIER certified.

With our software-defined WAN fiber network, our DC-DR framework helps your organization replicate your data to scattered geolocations over the cloud, getting you back up and running quickly in the case of an interruption.

Web Werks makes DR on Demand highly accessible for all applications over a cost-efficient and automated environment that simplifies protection protocol and process. We help you save DR costs by:

  • Avoiding upfront capital costs with a pay-per-use model for setting up a secondary DR unit
  • Eliminating traditional DR costs by paying only for replication until your organization actually needs DR and drill services. Web Werks provides on-demand DR infrastructure to economize data protection

A robust IT landscape for DR operations keeps your business running optimally even in the case of a disaster or data loss.

Regular DR Drills

Walking the path is more important than knowing the path. Web Werks orchestrates regular DR drills at your organization to identify DR performance pain points and errors. After initiating a planned switchover, Web Werks conducts the DR drill by

  • Monitoring DR communication from the disaster site to Web Werks
  • Initiating crisis communication and resource mobilization while checking application integrity over a converged network
  • Activating DR
  • Monitoring performance
  • Reactivating the primary site and supervision of its functions

Web Werks' experts execute the DR drill to ensure that your organization stays prepared in case of an unforeseen data incident.

Gap Analysis and Data Replication

Web Werks understands that your organization already has certain visibility and mobility in place, even in the event of a disaster. However, we collaborate with you to understand the limitations of your incumbent DR solution and how it aligns with your vision of a good disaster recovery response. Our gap analysis reveals the shortfall of the resources your organization needs to become disaster secure.

With our synchronous and asynchronous modes of data replication, we enable your organization to clone its data over disparate clouds situated in distributed seismic zones, delivering further security even against natural disasters.

Monitoring, Management, and Reporting

Outsourcing DR to third parties is not an easy decision, which is why Web Werks delivers DR and drill reports to you on a timely basis.

Managing your DR ecosystem, updating data backups, ensuring DC-DR uptime and availability, and monitoring asset performance is our responsibility.

DRaaS is catered as a service based on requirements; therefore, the license costs depend on only what you need.

Why Choose
Web Werks?

Robust and highly resilient cloud infrastructure setup across multiple locations with secure co-location facilities for mission critical applications

Hot, Warm, Cold DR sites available with options of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud. The class of services span from self-controlled, assisted to end-to-end managed services by Web Werks proficient work force.

Ability to ramp-up / scale down rapidly, on a pay-per-use basis

We help you remove complexity of planning and do the cost benefit analysis, meeting compliance guidelines. We do offer Periodic DR drills.

Pay for the compute environment as per usage.

Physical to WW Cloud, Virtual to WW Cloud, AWS to WW Cloud, Azure to WW Cloud, Physical to Physical Cloud, Google Cloud to WW Cloud.