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You should be extra careful when you are at data centers


Data centers are the delicate places as they store mission-critical data of enterprises. These business data are of great significance and in most of the cases are highly confidential too. Some random activities or even a little carelessness of people at data centers may cause blunders.

You may be surprised to know these common mistakes by people at data centers.


  • Unorganized cables: These are quite common scenes at many data centers which are not properly managed and organized. Server cables are long and need a proper arrangement. If these cables are jumbled and hanging till the floor, then it may cause serious accidents. Someone may get tangled in the cables and fall down along with the servers causing physical damages to both the person as well as the server.
  • Drinking fluids in the server area: Many a time, randomly people run into the server rooms with their tea or coffee in hand. By any chance, if they happen to spill the fluid in the server rooms, it may damage the machines. Moist and dust may bring severe damages to the equipment in the server rooms.
  • Being ignorant: Ignorance may lead to multiple problems which would not have been there if things were attended in time. One of such examples is that of overusing a single power resource for electricity backup. Energy is the lifeline of data centers. So, rightsizing the power backup resources should be a prime concern in data centers.


  • Security Loops: Following strict security scan, only authorized entry and all other security protocol at data centers should be a regular practice without a failure. Many prospects also visit the site as they are invited by the sales people. But a common mistake made by them is that they invite anyone and everyone to visit the facility. This is what data center people should avoid in order to secure the facility from any physical security breach or data theft.
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