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World Backup 2016 - Be Ready With Your Backup Plan


On 31st March, the world will celebrate World Backup Day. Backup is preparing Plan B if Plan A fails. Simply saying, it is a backup plan to restore all your data in case all is lost in a disaster. Well, if you know what backup stands for, then have you strategized a plan?

Why it is celebrated?

The day is celebrated to educate people about the importance of data backup. While we all know that backup has become a severe issue, irrespective of your business type, we must take possible measures to protect it. Traditionally, people used to maintain a hard copy of their data which included writing things up in a register or diary. The approach of backing up data back then was by creating copies of the same. Now the time has changed, and everything is maintained online. The online world is not safe, as there is risk involved at every stage. This digital era is highly susceptible to data loss.

Business & Backup

World Backup Day reminds us to back up our most important data and create a checklist to ensure we have created a Plan B to restore the lost data. According to research, 74% of companies have lost their data at the workplace. This states that businesses are immensely prone to data loss and, thus, demand a dynamic backup strategy to mitigate the underlying issues. Before implementing a backup solution, determine what data you need to backup, how you will create it, where you’ll store it, and so on. You have two options – on-site and offsite backup locations which is you can either manage an internal DR site or outsource your needs to any data center service provider. But the best practices call for both the storage.

So before you get started, ensure to create a checklist that will make things easier for you. Then find the ideal source to provide you with the best possible solution.


Creating backup is not limited to businesses. A standard internet user needs to be equally attentive to backup. So this World Backup Day, take the backup pledge “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.” Make sure to stand by it.

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