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Will IaaS provider be able to manage the upward trend?


After analyzing the current IaaS market, there is no doubt that this certainly marks a great time for the service providers. The public cloud market is continuing to demonstrate high rates of growth across all sectors and as Gartner predicts, this trend will continue through 2017. This unprecedented progress in the industry has encouraged transition from legacy IT services to more advanced, cloud solutions in order to digitally optimize their organizations.

According to a research firm, the global IaaS market is expected to reach $73.9 billion in 2022, with significant increase in the coming year as well. Owing to the digital initiatives by the Indian Government, the IT industry in India has also picked up speed.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service and its surging value in India

We clearly understand how challenging and demanding it is to build, monitor and manage IT infrastructure and to eliminate this process, many organizations are moving towards an highly effective and reliable option, which is adopting cloud-based solutions. Other than cutting-off cost and maintenance, it also saves your time, investment on labor and related expenses. Given its cost-effective benefits, organizations have swiftly started to adopt the cloud solution. While many have already moved there, a large number are planning to implement the same soon.

The technological advancement is one of the major reason for the growth of cloud services that has given a new aspect to the technical world. For instance, the connected world is generating a good deal of data that requires maintenance as well as strong security measures and all of that is possible with high-performance servers. The onset of Internet of Things (IoT) was a turning point for the technology world. As user are looking for more connected devices such as smartphones, smart cars, smart appliances, experts predict that by 2020, we'll have nearly 20 billion IoT devices. Not to forget the amount of data the devices will be produce altogether.

Due to this, several IoT devices are being produced, developed, improved and added to the cloud IaaS infrastructure.

Startup firms are growing rapidly in India and because these firms are unable to invest on building and maintaining their own infrastructure, the most feasible option available is using cloud infrastructure. For instance, an organization can develop and test an application on the cloud infrastructure that will save them overall IT expense. Eventually, after everything is done, they can move the application to in-house IT.

So will data center service provide be able to face this increasing IT challenge? Well, it all depends on how quickly they respond to this changing trend. Data centers will have to think something innovative that will help them as well as the customers. As according to IDC, the cloud future looks bright and the data explosion is bound to continue. The best part is that experts also predict that if IaaS revenue doubles by 2020, it will deliver better virtual machines along with maximum computer power.

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