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Why you should start using CDN services?


If you are yet to use CDN services for your website, sign up for one very soon with a data center services provider because it offers multiple advantages that will help in improving site performance and save money. Before highlighting its benefits, let’s understand the concept of CDN services in brief.

What are CDN services?

Content Delivery network is an interconnected system consisting of distributed servers which store the copy of a website on the local servers in multiple data centers across the world. Closely connected data centers accelerate the content delivery speed by reducing the network latency. This is why CDN services are the best resort if your website is experiencing huge traffic and even if you have limited bandwidth.

How CDN functions?

When a user requests your website from the other corner of the planet, the data center which lies in the closest proximity of the user’s location and stores the copy of your web files, will deliver the static data at a very fast speed. So CDN matters not only for enhanced global access but also to accelerate your website speed.

Why should every website use CDN services?

  • Faster Website speed: CDN services providers have a vast network of servers, this is why access to your website gets very fast, no matter whichever corner of the world your users are.
  • Caching advantage: Once your website files have been cached in the browser, it automatically gets saved therefore it would not need to be downloaded every time users request for the website. Due to pre-cached files, CDN speeds up your website. Caching also saves the bandwidth and server resources.
  • Reduced costs: CDN reduces costs as it leverages the global infrastructure for traffic off-loading. It’s highly cost effective as it minimizes the network latency and offers high availability.
  • DDoS Security: CDN comes with strong security layers. And it routes the traffic through different servers, so it will be difficult for DDoS to hit your network. Moreover, the CDN services providers implement robust security technologies to avoid any security risks.
  • Downtime is a thing of past with CDN: CDN keeps your website responsive even if your main web host server is down. CDN services which cache all your web pages will let your website accessible and responding to the users’ queries.
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