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Why You Must Go For A Carrier Neutral Datacenter?


The count of Data Centers is amplifying rather speedily.This is typically due to the ever-increasing volume of digital data. Internet has developed into a basic requirement of the modern, digital era. Thus, online businesses are attempting to provide better connectivity to their customers.

If you run online business, it is crucial to choose the ideal Data Center service provider. Data Centers are classified into two types: carrier-neutral and carrier specific. Carrier neutral Data Centers are connected to different carriers (network service providers), whereas carrier specific is associated with only a particular carrier that is in charge of providing connectivity.

Here are few reasons why you must choose a carrier neutral Data Centers over carrier specific

  • Redundancy: It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are dealing with; you need to be available all the while. If your Data Center is connected to a single carrier, your perationsis bound to be disrupted at some point of time. But that is not the case with carrier neutral facility. Since this infrastructure is linked with several other carriers, it shifts the load to other network in case one node fails, which avoids operational interruptions.
  • Reliability: You get the flexibility of choosing the carriers. Data Center servers service providers will offer you the most reliable carriers, but you are free to make your choice and choose the ones that you find ideal for your needs. Under such conditions, you’ll settle for the best and won’t end up paying for unreliable services.
  • Economical: Within a carrier specific environment, you will have to stick to a particular bandwidth price because you won’t have any other choice. Moreover, switching to other carrier might be expensive and time-consuming and ultimately, you’ll overspend on bandwidth. On the other hand, carrier neutral facility is cost-effective and you can move to other carrier for better pricing.
  • Mobility: Carrier specific Data Center might probably compel you to think on making a move, as there are numerous network problems associated with this type of facility. Carrier neutral lets you shift to another provider without any issue because you are not completely dedicated to any carrier. So you are free to make a move.

With all said, you now understand the difference between the two data centers and can make a fair decision. Web Werks is a carrier neutral Data Center wherein organizations can collocate their web servers at any of the five locations. For more details, get in touch with us.

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