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Why VPNs are Essential for Modern Mobile Businesses?


Don’t get confused between Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Private Network. Both may sound similar, but they are way different both in terms of definition and characteristics. VPS is a web hosting platform designed for hosting websites, while VPN turns a private network of an entity accessible via public network in a secured manner. Simply speaking, it lets your device connect to your corporate network through a secured channel to make remote communication more secure.

VPN assures that your network is accessed by authorized users and devices and is utilized productively. It protects your connection to guarantee the exchange of data and information via the network , which is encrypted and secured. Due to VPN's potentiality of keeping your network connection safe and risk-free, many companies are adopting it to promote smooth interaction between employees. Moreover, it is essential for organizations to provide VPN access to mobile devices so that they can connect to sensitive business documents when needed.

Why is it so essential?

  • For remote workers, VPN can be a helpful source, as they can connect to the LAN and securely access all the files and documents of the organization. Moreover, it is a great business expansion idea for companies as more people can work remotely without any connectivity issue.
  • Mostly, employees use smartphones and tablet computers, as it is more convenient than logging into an authorized laptop or computer. When employees are restricted from the flexibility of accessing business content from a remote location, they might copy the files and store it on a cloud servers such as drop box to use it quickly whenever required. However, if the drop box is compromised, the attacker having access to this particular account will also get access to all sensitive files of the company. Thus, corporate must ensure to provide a secured and safe path for employees to access company content to avoid them from taking such risky step.
  • In case a mobile device is stolen or lost, VPN ensures to bring down the connection authorized once it is notified of the situation. It further blocks the access of the devices that prevent data breach.
  • Offering remote access also increases employee productivity as it provides them access to corporate data from a distant location. This added flexibility and convenience assist employees to manage business load, even when not physically present at the office.

To streamline business processes and boost employee productivity, organizations must give a thought to providing VPN access to mobile devices. The data is protected in a secured environment so the probabilities of data loss or breach are extremely low. Thus, businesses can go long way without any security concerns.

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