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Why Value Dedicated Servers are better to start with


Value Dedicated Servers are basically the affordable web servers, usually designed for beginners or for trials. These Value dedicated servers comes with minimal configuration for web hosting in terms of storage, hard disk, RAM, CPU and other basic IT instances. But that's not all. It also includes services which are provided along with the Value dedicated server with no extra cost involved. This is the reason it is called VALUE dedicated server.

Features of value dedicated servers available at economical price:

  • 99.9 % Network uptime guarantee: The most important factor while buying the web hosting services is the server uptime. You should choose a good web hosting provider that can provide 99.9% server uptime guarantee. This will ensure your website is up and running constantly with high server availability.
  • Redundant infrastructure: Value dedicated servers at an economical price will also gain from the advantage of the redundant infrastructure of the web hosting provider. Backup options for power supply like UPS or generator, as well as back up for server and cooling mechanisms will avoid any interruption in server performance.
  • Security: Web hosting with Value dedicated servers are secured if web server provider has Tier III and Tier IV data centers with strong and multi-layered security spread in its data center facility.
  • Enough bandwidth: Value dedicated server comes with enough bandwidth at a very low price, making the web performance fairly speedy.
  • Scalability: User can easily extend bandwidth, RAM, storage, memory etc. according to the business requirements. Value dedicated server resources are scalable.
  • Flexibility: The user also has the advantage of flexibility in terms of operating system choice and other such configuration choice too.
  • Secured Network: Web Werks offers value dedicated servers with CISCO network.
  • 24x7 Tech Support: Above all the user is also assisted with tech support from the expert tech professionals 24x7x365.
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