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Why Linux VPS hosting is indispensable for businesses?


As businesses keep outgrowing, their requirements needs an upgrade as well. While most companies opt to move their environment from shared hosting to dedicated server, some step back because they aren’t fully ready to hop in. If not configured, then the overall efficiency and throughput can be compromised. At this stage, anyone would prefer hosting on a Virtual Private Server, as it is convenient and economical. Linux VPS hosting has become quite popular because it gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server, but at a lower price. With VPS, you get all the capabilities of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Why Linux VPS is a better option for businesses?

VPS ensures that the resources are entirely allocated to your VPS account and no other third party user would affect the performance of your server. Business efficiency is the priority of any enterprise and Linux guarantees maximum server uptime than the other operating systems.

  • Stability: The OS is known for its stability that keeps your hardware from crashing or requiring a reboot. So you don’t have to worry about server crash, if you’re using Linux.
  • Security: Secondly, the OS brings with it potential security features that is tough for an invader to penetrate the safety walls, thus maintaining your online business safe.
  • High performance: As all the resources are allocated to a particular user, it optimizes business processes and boosts productivity.
  • Scalability: Business continues to grow and while it grows, Linux VPS assures scalable features that lets you scale your outgrowing business as per requirements.
  • Creating personal nameservers: Instead of sticking to the nameservers provided by the hosting company with the host’s name in the domain, you can change it and use your own personal nameserver. Besides, you can configure all your clients accounts, which poses as a great business branding. It also eases the process of shifting to a completely new server.
  • Domain management: You can manage your domain such as you can make use of both Park and Redirect option. Linux VPS hosting has certain drawbacks as well when compared to Windows hosting, as it can’t offer you the seamless Graphic User Interface (GUI) experience. However, Linux is worth it if you take into account the aforementioned benefits.
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