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Why do you need cloud-based disaster recovery?


We have been reminding users all the while to secure their data, because it is vulnerable not only to outside threat, but internal as well. Yes, for organizations, internal risk is even bigger problem. But the question is why you need a cloud-based disaster recovery?

Locating Backup on Cloud

No wonder cloud solutions are the most over hyped technology, but it is potential to delivering effective results when integrated with disaster recovery strategy. The IT industry has known cloud for decades now and they are well aware of its significant advantages over the traditional architecture. Due to its highly advanced features, more companies are adopting the solution. However, there are many yet to move. And this blog is centered to those reclining to shift their data to cloud. Here is how you can do it:

  • Asses your data protection requirements: It may sound easy, but is not because when you’ll evaluate your company needs, you’ll figure out factors that needs to fall in right place to support cloud service, ideally. This further protects data center from going down, as everything can be replicated from the cloud storage and business can be put back on track.
  • Choose a cloud service providers: Next step is to choose a service provider that can accommodate your defined requirements. Don’t forget that every cloud provider is not same, they differ when it comes to delivering certain services. So make sure to find a company that offers exactly what you need.
  • Estimate Budget: When you are done selecting a hosting provider, determine your budget. Every service provider has a unique pricing model to offer. The initial fee might be less, but it may increase once you keep subscribing to other services. Get to the entire policy of the company and check the different additional fees they charge, so that you don’t end up paying heavy monthly cost.
  • Figure out operational needs: If you decide to use cloud solely for the purpose of backup storage, then you may not have to deal with comprehensive planning. But if you wish to use the most of it and integrate it extensively, then better determine the operational needs, as there is lot of things you’ll have to plan before the implementation. Adding cloud to your recovery strategy can help in relocating all the data in case your primary site is incapacitated. You can implement cloud-based disaster recovery solution without breaking the bank.
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