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Which one is Best - SSD or HDD?


While looking for a web hosting services, you would have definitely heard acronyms SSD and HDD in context to storage from a web hosting provider.

These three alphabets represent two entirely different types of storage disks. It is essential for you to understand what these are and one is better for your hosting needs. As discussed above, both are viable means of storing files, but SSD offers more noteworthy benefits in comparison to HDD. In this blog, we will discuss the differences and which will possibly be a good choice for you. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive.

It depicts a traditional style hard drive where an actual physical disk turns around inside and stores your data. This basically means that in order to access data, there’s always a slight detain while the physical disk spins. It has been around for the quite long time. But as technology got developed, SSDs came into a picture. SSDs turn out to be more affordable with larger capacity. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Dissimilar to a HDD, there’s no physical disk. In this, the information is stored on a microchip. As there are no moving parts, a SSD can store information substantially speedier than a HDD.

When it comes to the comparison among both. Solid state drives definitely wins as it offers more advantage when compared to HDD. Let’s discuss all the benefits SSD offers to you. The main benefit of the SSD hosting is faster site speed. Since your drive can load data faster, your website will consequently load faster. Remember, page speed is crucial for search engine and user experience.

Since HDD depends on physical spinning, they're significantly more inclined to mechanical failure than SSD. In case a drive fails, you’re at risk for data loss. Hosting provider endeavors to alleviate this flaw with HDDs by utilizing RAID reinforcement system, yet the hazard is still there but to a small extent. Yes, an effective backup plan can additionally relieve your hazard, it's still substantially more pleasant to not need to stress over your essential drive. Apart from having longer lifespans, SSDs are likewise more resistant to physical harm like drops.

For any individual who thinks about their information, website, choosing a hosting provider which offers SSD is a smart choice. Since SSD don’t encounter data fragmentation. Henceforth they are able to provide more reliable performance.

A server with SSD storage can handle more disk read/write requests before becoming unstable. As a result, during peak times of usage the backup up, I/O requests can be served. SSD usually utilizes typically 20%of the power as compared to spinning HDD. It may look like small saving to you but if scaled up over hundreds of servers, this may prove as a huge power saving.

In case, you look forward to more energy efficient ways, then SSD is surely for you. With SSD option being more affordable, faster, reliable and easily available in the web hosting industry, it really doesn’t make sense to choose HDD hosting. SSD hosting is better in every circumstance.

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