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Which is better :- A linux virtual private server or a windows vps ?


Once you have chosen VPS hosting services in India for web services of your business, you automatically land to the second step of another key decision making i.e. whether to choose Windows VPS or Linux Virtual Private Server for your web hosting.

Selecting the operating system is an important business decision as the OS matters a lot for your kind of business and your scale of operations-large, medium or small. However, many experts recommends one OS over another, but don't just go by their saying.

Always act wise by analyzing and comparing two different resources, then matching both with your business application levels and other business factors.

However, Windows and Linux have similar basic functionality but there are key differences too, related to cost, compatibility and other such factors.

Linux Virtual Private hosting vs. Windows VPS hosting services in India.


Linux OS for VPS

Windows OS for VPS


Linux is an open source program. √

Windows is commercial product by Microsoft. X


Being an open source program, there is no license fee for Linux and most of the Linux VPS applications are available for free. √

Payment is involved here as you need to pay Microsoft for license fee and other Windows VPS applications too. X


Linux doesn't support ASP and ASP.NET as good as Windows. Its SQL and Microsoft Access support is also not good, when compared with Windows OS on VPS. X

Windows is the best choice for users of ASP and ASP.NET as it supports these database in an excellent way. Moreover, Windows also supports SQL and MS Access in a much better way than its competing OS Linux. √


Linux OS on VPS only functions with complicated text operated SSH interface, which is not much user-friendlyX

Windows OS on VPS is much easier to use as it has Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is very popular and very much user-friendly. People are very familiar with Windows GUI. √

VPS Control Panels

Linux functions well with both plesk panel and cPanel. It must be noted that only Linux OS on VPS supports cPanel. √

Windows does not functions with cPanel. X

So, always examine the differences of both linux virtual private servers hosting and windows vps, then arrive at a decision. This will lead to an informed and prudent decision that will certainly push your business results.

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