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Where is All The Data on The Internet Stored?


The Internet has become ubiquitous in the past few years, thanks to the increasing usage of mobile phones and the availability of economical data plans. Data is continuously uploaded on the internet, whether through social media sites or business websites. But ever wondered, where does the data from millions of users go? Where does the internet stack up against such massive amounts of data? Well, the good news is that we did some research and found Pandora’s Box for you guys. So, you might have probably known the answer if you were an IT buff. But for a layman, this article is the map to their backed-up data.

Online back-up services store all the data they collect in enterprise-class servers that are placed in huge data-centers. Certain services own datacenters, whereas some services rent spaces and technologies from datacenters. So basically, online data storage involves an agreement with third party services accepting data through IP or Internet protocol.

Unlike physical storage options like flash or hybrid flash, this option is much better for storing massive amounts of data uploaded every single day on the internet. People should keep in mind that all your data will always be stored in one or more servers in the nearest data center with respect to your location. The main reason why back-up services choose data centers is for security.

A data center is built to withstand any weather-related damage or power down situations. Data centers make storage safer because of the tight security that they provide. These facilities are equipped with some of the most advanced security measures to ensure data protection even during severe conditions. Whether it is a power failure or extreme weather damage the redundancy offered in data centers help in regaining data within moments making them ideal for data security.

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