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When to utilize and to refrain from Disaster Recovery as a Service


What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Cloud-based applications and services are protecting the business data from getting damaged or lost due to any accident. Disaster Recovery as a Service is a unique solution for protecting the business data. It is a fail-over service for physical and virtual desktops where the provider will manage the disaster recovery environment. It is an innovative offering to ensure business continuity in the event of any natural catastrophe or any case of mishap.

How DRaaS functions?

DRaaS replicates the data and applications to keep a copy of crucial business data. The provider will allow the user to copy the data and workload in their server farm. It provides failover and minimize the downtime. DRaaS solutions are also flexible to match the varying business needs. DRaaS is more than just disaster recovery services. It is an added layer of protection to the mission critical business data, especially of small and medium enterprises.

Enterprises should recognize the significance and limitations of DRaaS before implementing it to their businesses.

When to utilize DRaaS?

Use DRaaS to save time and resources on Disaster Recovery Management: DRaaS is the service based solution, so it can be deployed easily and quickly. Deploying hybrid DR directly on physical, public or private cloud will reduce the time and resources consumed in Disaster Recovery management. It is quick and easy to deploy. Apart from being time and resource-efficient, it’s cost effective too because it is accounted on the basis of pay-per-use payment model.

Web Werks offers affordable DRaaS solutions which minimize data loss because the data is replicated and deployed in cloud infrastructure. Our DRaaS solutions will protect your business from any potential failure or disaster.

When to refrain from DRaaS?

Many a time, DRaaS providers do not offer managed fail-overs. So you must not sign the deal unless it’s a recognized provider which offers scalable, secure and automated DR services. Moreover, DRaaS is usually suggested for small and mid-sized businesses because they many not afford IT infrastructure to safeguard their business data. Large companies with their own data centers may not need DRaaS.

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