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When do I need load-balancing servers?


As the name implies, load balancing is all about evenly distributing the traffic across multiple computers/servers stringed in a network. The primary objective of load balancing servers is to avoid any impact from failure of one application, hence ensuring high availability and seamless web and network operations. Since the workload is spread onto different computers in the network, so even if one server fails, the load balancing solutions channelize the application requests to rest of the functional servers and manage the crisis, sustaining fast process and loading speed.

When to choose the Load Balancing Servers?

Load Balancing servers are significant to the networks which are prone to attract heavy traffic and busy websites where number of server requests can't be predicted. There are several ways of distributing the traffic and balance the server load.

Server Clustering is one among various ways of server load balancing. Cluster means a group and here too the server cluster comprises of two or more servers which are considered as a unit. Server clustering provides redundancy that means skipping the failed or unavailable server and directing the load to other working servers.

Advantages of load balancing servers in India:

A cluster of servers in the network acts as a single entity to the client with single IP address too. So, in case any of the server goes down, its load is diverted to the rest of the servers in cluster spreading and balancing the increased load leading to smooth functioning.

Convenient: Load balancing or Cluster Servers are very convenient as it easily divert the load onto the servers within the cluster, that too without compromising accessibility of data and services.

Stable: It also ensures stability as it has no impact on the workload performance even if any server fails. The distributed workload in the server clustering prevents any overload giving a seamless cloud hosting to the client.

Scalable: Load balancing server clustering also lets companies to scale up their network services by adding servers if the traffic load gets heavier.

Load balancing server is very much needed when the website traffic is expected to increase, to maintain the impeccable web performance and smooth network services.

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