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What's Next in Cloud Enviroment for 2017?


The cloud as we know may seem completely different in 2017. Market analyst and vendors from data center industry contribute their views and prediction on the cloud market. Till now you must have come across several cloud prediction content, however, we thought of picking up the best ones and giving key information to our readers. As per researches, 2017 will bring many challenges for the cloud market.

A research firm predicted that cloud solutions and other hosting services will be accountable for 34% of IT budget this year, which is a 6% growth from the previous year. With that, we can say with assurance that cloud and hosting services are in a strongly competitive space. This is because of cloud's flexibility that tends to suit every organizations' IT goals. Moreover, there's an extreme growth in usage of cloud solutions, where organizations are majorly using cloud for running mission-critical applications.

High-quality solutions at economical rates

Although organizations have to think economically when opting for any IT solution, the key influential driver here is scalability that lets you scale resources when required. Further, it provides access to latest technologies, speedy connectivity and round-the-clock technical support. Businesses will keep migrating to cloud as long as they benefit from the myriad of cloud features, exceptional support services and cost-efficiency. Also, there's a significant increase in adoption of hybrid cloud services and this is expected to continue this year as well.

Better engagement

Migrating to cloud solutions has also developed a better engagement among organizations and cloud platforms and this trend will grow even more in 2017. Channel partners engaged with offering cloud services have reported better market statistics and a steep increase in customer demand. With the growing demand, cloud service providers have put in their best efforts to keep pace and extend its offerings. New cloud offerings in the market have appealed to several businesses and this will keep the cloud market going always.

Paving path to new technologies

In this context, we can talk about Microsoft's Azure cloud platform that is encroaching globally even in countries where governments have already put a restriction on usage of cloud solutions because of data sensitivity. But it is not an easy job to work in collaboration to work with cloud service providers as most of them do not have that favorable approach. However, once they realize the value of collaboration, there will be a growth in partnership services as well. On the other hand, there are companies that deal smoothly when it comes to collaboration and this approach will become stronger with a great advantage on the channel this year.

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