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What is meant by Cloud SSD Hosting?


To understand this concept of Cloud Hosting SSD in better way, let's have all three terms explained separately:

  • Cloud: Cloud basically refers to data transmission space from where the data is spread to various network. Actually multiple servers connected as one system comprise cloud.
  • Hosting: Hosting is all about storing, processing and maintaining the files of various website while being connected to the internet and a server. It makes users' website available and accessible on the web.
  • SSD: SSD stands for Solid State Disk, which is a data storage device. However it is not actually a disk, but it includes circuit, memory board, battery card and their own CPU. It makes managing data with SSD faster.

When all these three radical technologies come together, they make the best hosting choice for users.

Benefits of Cloud SSD Hosting:

  • Extra-ordinarily Fast: Since SSD doesn't contain any physical disk or moving parts, Cloud SSD hosting offers extraordinary speed.
  • Safe and secured: Traditional disks tend to get broken creating chances of data loss. So, those are little hassled and need careful management. But SSD has no physical disk, so there is no chance of mechanical breakage. This is why SSD cloud hosting is considered extremely secured.
  • Speedy Data transfer: SSD has ample disk space, so the transfer speed with SSD hosting Cloud gets very speedy, no matter however heavy-traffic site it is.
  • It's Green: SSD consumes very less power and results in speedy performance, due to which it scores very high on the parameters of energy efficiency. Lesser power usage leads to less heat emissions, so it also doesn't need any additional high-powered cooling. Moreover, it creates no noise because it has no mechanical components.
  • Stable: SSD Cloud hosting also offers higher degree of stability because it has no moving component and it uses microchip technology. This makes SSD Cloud hosting fast, reliable, safe and stable.
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