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What is Hybrid Hosting: The Third-Generation Cloud?


Widely known as the ‘mix-and-match’ technique, hybrid cloud server hosting is an amalgamation of private cloud and public cloud aimed at delivering the features of cloud computing and dedicated server. Businesses can experience the integrated version with the flexibility and scaling power of virtual server, while security and performance layer of a dedicated hosting.

The escalating demands of enterprises to offer optimized hosting solution with marginal capital expenditure led to the invention of Hybrid cloud. In short, organizations don’t need to debate between choosing private or public cloud, as the hosting option provides the best of both worlds.

Key factors of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is best suited for websites generating heavy traffic rates as it ensures business continuity without overloading your server. The flexibility, security layers, unrivaled performance, manageability, agility, all-combined makes it highly reliable for usage. Hybrid delivers all the computing resources and facilities required and ensure to suit your computing needs.

Third Generation Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a technological framework conceptualized to provide multi-layered capabilities. The terminology is an ultimate solution to the unique interest of companies, as it is customizable, programmable, which fits in seamlessly to fit modern cloud needs.

Cloud stretches through rounds of progression in order to reach that peak of perfection. We started with virtualization, an efficient hosting approach and then eventually moved to virtualized hyper-visors and ended with third generation cloud technology, Hybrid cloud. The third generation is faster, cheaper and better and it would be fair to state so because it is indeed turning into the ultimate hosting choice for all companies.

Cloud is phenomenal evolution of the modern era and with invention of each of its distinct categories, companies have experienced a massive business transformation due to this emerging technology. The future holds greater challenges and the upcoming technology will have to deliver even an advanced level of what’s offered. The next generation will lie ahead with even high expectations that would be defined by automation and manageability. But for the today’s digital period, hybrid cloud is the best answer for everything.

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