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What do you mean by Virtual dedicated hosting?


Virtual Dedicated Server: might sound like some version of dedicated server to you, but it's not true. Don't mistake it with any kind of dedicated hosting plan, because it's not at all about dedicated unit.

Virtual Dedicated Server is about leveraging the virtualization technique on a physical server, which makes it work like an abstract dedicated server, this is why it is sometimes called as Virtual Dedicated Server. While more popularly it is known as Virtual Private Server.

Actually a dedicated server is divided into several partitions which are distributed among multiple users, hosted on the same server. With virtualization technology on the dedicated server, each users has an independent hosting environment. The users get their own memory, RAM, OS, disk space and bandwidth. Although the server is shared with multiple users, but any activity of one user doesn't impact the other users on the same server. Due to hypervisor technology, each users is isolated from the rest.

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Below are the benefits of virtual dedicated server

  • Highly Affordable: This is the first and foremost benefit of the virtual dedicated server. it comes with the advantages of dedicated server in a very small price.
  • Beginners' favorite: If you have started a new business, you should start a website using Virtual dedicated hosting.
  • Flexible: Virtual dedicated server allows its users to customize their IT resources on the server such as RAM, OS, storage etc. virtual dedicated server is also flexible in terms of administration controls as the user is free to customize the admin access settings.
  • Scalable: With Virtual Dedicated Hosting, you can easily scale up the bandwidth, RAM, disk space, storage, processing speed, domains etc., anytime based on your fluctuating web needs.
  • Support: Usually technical support is offered with virtual dedicated server. But not all hosting providers have 24x7x365 tech-support service. Web Werks is among few data centers in India to offer round the clock rapid action support.
  • Redundant: Choose VPS hosting server only with carrier neutral data center which offers high redundancy because only they will be able to provide high server uptime. Redundant infrastructure ensures constant power supply and business continuity. A fault-tolerant infrastructure is very important consideration for your mission critical data and fast accessibility to your website.
  • Secured:The data center should be fully secured with robust security techniques. Moreover, the web hosting provider must deploy the latest network and firewall security for virtual dedicated server to keep mission critical data of clients in safe and secured environment.
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