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What do you mean by Shared Cloud Hosting ?


Cloud hosting can either be dedicated or shared. Actually, cloud evolved from the concept of cluster computing. A network of multiple physical web servers comprise a cloud. In cloud hosting, the websites are hosted on multiple servers.

Shared Cloud hosting is a reliable and affordable web hosting option. Don't confuse it with shared hosting. Shared cloud is an ideal hosting service, especially for heavy traffic websites. The e-commerce businesses can make the most out of the features of shared cloud hosting.

Shared cloud hosting can be optimized in terms of resource scalability, availability and maintenance with latest hardware and virtualization techniques.

Below are the features of Shared Cloud Hosting explained:

  • Redundant Failover: The shared cloud hosting offers high redundancy and instant failover. This keeps the websites up and working without any interruption. The impact of broken hardware/server is rare with shared cloud hosting. Because there are multiple server which can balance the increased load caused by failed server. It offers high availability for the websites.
  • Security: Shared Cloud Hosting is conformed with amazing security networks like CISCO. Moreover, it also comes along with advanced spam and firewall security measures. Shared Cloud Hosting is extremely secured hosting option. Just make sure you avail the service of an experienced web hosting provider.
  • Control Panels: Shared Cloud Hosting with Web Werks are offered on both cPanel or Plesk. So no matter what OS you work on, we can offer you flexibility in terms of control panel for shared cloud hosting.
  • Easy Software Installation: Installing the software for shared cloud hosting is very simple, especially with the assistance wizard which takes the user through step-wise installation process. Even a novice will be able to manage the installation procedure.
  • Scalability: Shared cloud hosting resources are easily scalable. You can add storage, disk space, memory and other components anytime in accordance to changing web needs of your enterprise.
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