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What difference does it make to have an Indian vps server ?


With so many business graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs, India is now witnessing growing numbers of enterprises. But the businesses in today's time can only be successful if they have a website, online presence.India holds the future of engineering as this is the land with most engineering graduates in the world. IT Giants like Microsoft and Google have their CEOs from India. So, with VPS server hosting in India, you can be assured of best technologies and professional expertise.VPS server hosting in India has its own benefits, especially when your target group belongs to India and you want traffic from Asian regions.

Here are some more advantages of VPS hosting in India

  • Fast Connectivity: With Indian VPS server, you get fast connectivity as local server advantage. The proximity of the server location offers speedy network and amazing web experience. Web Werks has 3 state of the art data center facilities in India, all located at premium locations with world class IT infrastructure and secured services, offering fast network connectivity for excellent access within India and regions around it.
  • Affordability: Web hosting in India offers cheap virtual private servers as compared to other countries. The major reasons being the currency factor i.e. paying in INR is far much cheaper than other costlier currencies.
  • Flexibility in payment terms: With VPS hosting in India, the users are offered provision to pay only for what they use. Besides, there are different VPS plans to suit different economies of scale, reducing capital expenses.
  • Stability: Best VPS hosting providers in India including Web Werks offer redundant server clusters to keep servers up and running, resulting into speedy website performance and business continuity.
  • Reliability: Web Werks offers reliable VPS hosting in India with its VMware Virtualization Platform. Web Werks also offers high bandwidth to enterprises to manage businesses from remote locations.
  • Rapid Action Support: For users seeking VPS server in India will be able to avail the advantages of technical support for 24x7x365 in local language too.
  • Scalability: Users can scale VPS resources according to their changing business IT needs.
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