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What is the difference between Hosting Spam and botnet spam?


Usually, we think that spams originate specifically from botnet computers and why not, it is considered as the biggest threat to the internet. But, it is not just botnet playing its part over the internet. According to researchers, one of the largest source of spam on the internet is Cloud hosting services renting virtual servers. In this piece of writing, we will be discussing the difference between hosting spam and botnet spam. Botnet Spam Botnets are a potential threat to the web world and are one of the most popular cybercrime today. Hackers can affect a number of computers at a time and the infected computer can then be controlled by the attacker to spread viruses, produce spams and commit several other crimes and frauds. The infected machines are referred as ‘zombies’ and the hacker controlling the machines is known as botmasters or botherders.

How does botnet spam work?

The malware is always in search of some unprotected and vulnerable computers, which they can infect and when they find some, they instantly impact the machine and send a report to the hackers. Unless they are not assigned any task to perform, the malware stays hidden. The possibility is, these bots can impact hundreds of thousands of computers at a time. Some of the possible warning signs of bot in a computer can be PC slow down, display of mysterious messages, or perhaps, computer crash.

Cloud Hosting Spam

Cloud services offer a given unit of CPU, hard disk and network resources at hourly or monthly basis. The cloud hosting environment is considered way far better than botnet spam by many hackers or possibly inferior in some instances. Let’s focus on the superior side. Since cloud hosting offers static IP address, email receivers consider it highly reliable as they are sensibly linked with authorized email servers. Apart from this, there are several other services of cloud that spammers consider superior such as optimum bandwidth, flexible and convenient operating systems and 24x7 services. These services allow hackers to proceed with their crimes and frauds and affect a range of computers. With this comparison, the conclusion is that both the spams are indeed threatening and to avoid such instances, significant measures need to be taken to offer safe and better experience to users.

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