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What is the best way for Disaster Recovery for business continuity planning ?


Disaster Recovery

Disaster is something which is uncalled and unwanted but still inevitable and fateful. The disasters can be anything- external threat like virus attack, cyber theft, hardware, software or other component failure or the catastrophic disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami and cyclone etc.

So as they say, prevention is better than cure. Data center service providers who host mission-critical data of thousands of enterprises should always be ready with disaster recovery plans to dispense any impact on data. They need to be proactive with disaster recovery solutions to assure business continuity. 

Disaster recovery is all about overcoming the worse adverse impacts of any mishap or catastrophe event. In the areas of IT infrastructure and management, the best way of disaster recovery is the backup options to ensure minimum, rare, negligible or zero loss and damage.

Below are few steps defining the best disaster recovery plan for business continuity:

Action-impact Analysis: The best plan for disaster recovery always starts with assessment and analysis of possible impacts of disasters. Accordingly, the safety measures in the data centers can be devised.

Mock Security Drills: Regular mock security drills put people, personnel and staffs to rehearse for do's and don'ts, if a disaster happen. This trains them and prepare them to act promptly in those situations and minimize the impact.

Such mock drills also help in checking whether all the preventive tools in the data center are working properly. If not, the equipment should be upgraded because safety always comes first!

Contingency Strategy: Contingent strategy involves planning the back up options and preventive measures to effectively deal with all possible disastrous aspects. The foresightedness ability of the CTO and its team is a trait of good data centers.

Disaster Recovery Policy:

An official policy reconfirms that the service provider is ready with its disaster recovery strategy and measures, which means assured business continuity for its clients.

Disaster Recovery in IT management can be summarized as restoration from any disruption caused by a disastrous event at the data center.


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