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What is the best: SSD or SAS web Host?


Data storage technologies have undergone a huge transformation since the discovery of computing and internet; evolution is still on. Today, there is a wide range of storage devices available with different functioning, different output quality, advantages as well as limitations. Therefore, it has become difficult for a normal user to choose among various types of storage drives like SAS, SSD or SATA etc. SAS is an older technology while SSD is the latest one with faster loading speed and better performance.

Although, SAS is comparatively and older technology but has its own significance. It is used for performing several tasks like data management, graphic designing, applications development etc. Its best usability lies in statistical and mathematical analysis. Its statistical and analytical capability makes it helpful in business decision support. SAS uses a serial interface to attach to the SCSI disk drives which result in better performance and faster connectivity.

Benefits of SSD Drives:

  • Works very fast
  • Contains no moving parts so, there is no chance for mechanical damage
  • Lower operational cost due to its design
  • Consumes lesser power bringing down the carbon footprint
  • Latest SSD drives do not wear out easily

Drawbacks of SSD drives:

  • Relatively expensive
  • Lesser resilient to power fluctuations
  • When idle, consumes more battery power

Benefits of SAS:

  • Delivers greater bandwidth with 15000 RPM speed
  • Priced very low in comparison to SSD drives
  • SAS offers more flexible storage architectures to meet the demands of both enterprise grade requirements as well as that of a small-medium businesses.

Drawbacks of SAS:

  • Consumes more power than SSD
  • Needs larger physical space to be stored
  • Scores lesser in terms of performance and reliability

Before choosing the drive for your business environment, it is important to compare drives for their function, cost, density, speed and workload requirements etc. Consider the aforementioned points to compare both- SAS and SSD drives and then arrive on the right decision.

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