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What Are the Trends Driving Data Center Consolidation?


With time, we’ve seen how the data center trends have made a massive turnover and this state that the demand for new innovation will continue to grow. As a result, data center providers are bringing in all their ideas and efforts that can compose a more dynamic and efficient environment. Living in the digital era has taught us that the companies that meet the needs of customers without breaking their banks are standing at the top in this competitive market.

However, this challenge doesn’t go smooth on every organization, as some find it difficult to match pace with the evolving pattern and deliver all-in-one at minimum rates. The changing trends are expected to continue at double the speed over the coming years. Here are a few trends compelling the need for data center consolidation.

  • Cloud Computing: Companies endure to adopt cloud solutions over the traditional IT architecture in order to multiply operational speed, streamline business processes, reduce operational costs, gain better control and improve scalability.
  • Data Expansion: Like everything else, data is bound to heighten and it is predicted that in the near future, it will grow tenfold. With this bulging challenge, companies are finding ways to deal with it by building strategies that could help manage the expanding data.
  • Consumerization: This concept is a major reason why companies are attempting to take up consolidation. Due the growth in adoption of mobile devices and other latest gadgets and devices, the count of data is increasing as well.
  • Usage of Mobile Devices: People are using mobile devices to complete their work, thus developing significant amount of data. By virtue of this, it is becoming difficult for data centers to manage the ever-increasing data.
  • Software-as-a-Service: SaaS is yet another reason that is driving the need for consolidation because more people are moving their applications from on-premise to SaaS based-solutions. These few trends explain why most organizations are embracing consolidation. Apparently, to manage the augmenting data and reduce IT footprint. This will keep on growing and thus, data center managers must ensure to consolidate and accept new technologies that will help support the upcoming trends.
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