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What are the real benefits of data deduplication in Cloud?


Data deduplication is useful for organizations dealing with highly redundant operations that requires constant copying and storing of data for future reference or recovery purpose. The technique is a part of backup and disaster recovery solution as it allows enterprises to save data repeatedly and promotes fast, reliable and cost-effective data recovery.

There is no specific definition for data deduplication, but the term is explained as an approach that eliminates duplicate copies of data from the system. For instance, a file that is backed up every week results in a lot of duplicate data and thus, eats up considerable disk space. Deduplication run an analysis and eliminates these sets of duplicate data and keeps only what is unique and essential, thus significantly clearing storage space. Here are some benefits of data deduplication for organizations.

  • Clears storage space: Running the technique can help reduce storage requirements by up to 80% for backups and files. This allows organizations save far more data on the same system and extends disk purchase intervals automatically. With the advantage of speed, organizations can store data to disk cost effectively.
  • Adept replication: The deduplication process writes only unique data on the disk and thus, there's need to replicate only these set of blocks. Depending on the type of application, the traffic for data replication can be reduced by 90%.
  • Effective use of network bandwidth: If data deduplication takes place at sources, there's no need to transmit data over the network, thus eliminating unwanted use of network bandwidth.
  • Cost-effective: As fewer disks are required, storage cost is reduced significantly. Besides, it also tends to improve disaster recovery as lesser amount of data is transferred.

With the massive data explosion, technologies that offers approaches to efficiently manage it is considered real attractive. Data deduplication is one such technology that assist with effectively managing storage devices as it enables efficient usage of data storage and network bandwidth.

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