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What are the Biggest Obstacles to Enterprise Mobility?


Today employees are out of their offices and still keep connected through phone, email and many other ways of communication via handy mobile devices like smartphone, laptops, tabs etc. Employees together make an enterprise, and today they do not need a physical office to work. Instead they work from remote places, still keep connected for business communications. This is known as enterprise mobility.

In today's business scenario, enterprise mobility is a significant opportunity for maximum utilization of time as well as the technology in the most cost-efficient way. Mobile devices have become all the more powerful with the growth of internet technology, IT, data centers, cloud etc. People can remotely access all important information and manage the business being mobile, from anywhere, anytime. However every technology is posed with some or the other obstacles.

The major challenges that come in the way of smooth enterprise mobility are

  • Coordination & compliance: It is a challenge to install, operate and manage required software and applications across all the devices for all the users under one network. This is quite promising but important for better, coordinated and seamless communication in the enterprise.
  • Security: Internet and threat risks are two sides of a coin. When you are connected through internet, there are chances of data theft, virus attack, spyware, hacking etc. until and unless you have all security measures intact with the devices, like strong password protection, SSL certified network, timely updated security apps. Maintaining secured network across all devices in the enterprise is another challenge. A well managed enterprise mobility solution providers can create a protective shield for your business mobility.
  • BYOD: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practice in organizations definitely curtails heavy cost of devices, but at the same time it is a challenge to manage the utilization of business software and applications. It should be designed in such a way that the users can be restricted to use the software and applications for business purposes only.
  • Costs: To keep your enterprise mobile, it involves costs. Devices, software, applications, management, maintenance and the entire process of enterprise mobility incur huge cost. However, enterprise mobility results into improved employee productivity and smooth communication bringing in better ROI.
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