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What are the advantages of VPS Hosting ?


VPS abbreviated for Virtual Private Servers, is a great hosting option for new enterprises with small budget looking for online presence. It is also a better option to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting for improved and secured web-based results.

How VPS hosting Works?

Basically, one server is shared by several users (websites) with fixed storage, hard disk space, RAM, memory and other computing instances. Since the vps hosting server are shared on a single server, the costs for the server is also divided among the users, making VPS hosting an economical option for the new start-ups or small scale enterprises.

As discussed above, apart from the cost advantages, there are lot many other advantages of VPS servers

  • Best for beginners: As mentioned above, the new businesses must opt for VPS for better ROI and affordable as well as quality services.
  • Fast set-up: Setting up VPS hosting is a quick job and needs no Money. Yeah it's free!
  • Secured: VPS Web Hosting services are typically secured, but the sharing of server with various websites makes it a little vulnerable to threats. However, if hosted with Web Werks, data centers in India VPS will be secured with highest security standards.
  • Scalable: VPS also comes with the advantage of scalability. As your business grows, you can scale up the resources like RAM, storage, memory, domains, bandwidth etc. Almost every computing instance is easily scalable in VPS hosting.
  • Redundancy: Redundancy is very important for Network uptime as N+1 infrastructure back up at data center directly impacts the server uptime and website availability. The back up options for power outage, cooling, hardware etc. help in business continuity.
  • Flexibility: There is also an advantage of flexibility in VPS services as the user is free to choose the configuration customization including RAM, Storage, OS, software, applications and even the admin access etc.
  • Rapid Action Support: 24x7x365 technical support comes along with the VPS hosting package at Web Werks.

Virtual Private Server Hosting also support all OS, mail servers, firewalls, backup and control panels. Also, make sure that you sign up the services of best VPS Hosting provider which offers 99.99% server uptime SLA.

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