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What are the Advantages of Email Hosting to Business?


Exchanging messages through the web has become quite standard, especially in business line. Running a business without email server would be complex, if not impossible. Although the trend is to save money via free hosting, but there are some significant reasons to prefer either outsourcing or dedicated web hosting.

Generally, companies withhold the idea of assembling an internal messaging environment due to the demanding maintenance and in addition, to stay away from virus infection and malware attacks on hardware. Here are some good reasons why you must choose business email hosting.

Advantages of Email Hosting

  • Builds professional value: The emails exchanged carry your business domain name that builds credible image and brand recognition for your enterprise.
  • Secured access: Hosting with a professional firm guarantees encryption of data sent and received while the mail session is active. So whatever information and details sent, whether confidential or public, everything is encrypted with the industry standard encryption that assures that no message can be hacked in any possible way. The pre-integrated anti-virus scanners and filters help in keeping your system immune from potential threats by blocking suspicious mails before you even receive it.
  • IMAP and POP: While the emails exchanged are encrypted with 128-bit encryption, the traffic generated to the business email is also encrypted that consists of usernames, passwords sent from a third party to the recipient to ensure your server is receiving emails from right authority and not bots.
  • Storage space: From thousand to ten thousands, you get ample of disk space to store even the largest files you receive. Hosting companies provide disk space in MB or GB and besides, the flexibility of scaling storage allows you to increase the space whenever required.

Why choose Web Werks Email Hosting?

We abide by standard security measures and ensure to provide solutions that let you access your email server securely. Email servers are available in dedicated and VPS hosting environment that gives you complete configuration access and control features. We provide all the advantages mentioned above with added benefits of round-the-clock assistance and maximum uptime guarantee. So if you are no longer in a position to manage your server, let the professionals do it their way.

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