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Web Werks: Security Compliance


Web Werks is a CMMi level 5 company with a huge list of a-rated customers. We believe that ‘trust’ is what makes businesses great. Whether it is the trust between us and our customers or our customers and their users. We make sure we follow all national and international security compliances for all the services that we provide. So, what really are these security compliances? Security compliances are certifications created by independent, third-party auditors to evaluate a company’s security commitments. These evaluators will conduct a complete assessment of the technical environment, confidentiality and security guidelines followed by the company. On the basis of this analysis, they determine whether a company is actually capable of providing the best services to the customers or no. Web Werks has always made it a prime focus to achieve maximum security certifications, which then ensures that our data centers are extremely safe. Here are all the security protocols that we follow at our datacenters:

  • Tier-III data center infrastructure standards: We have made sure that we be the best whether it is the infrastructure, service provisions or security standards. Our data centers are made from the best infrastructure that matched Tier-III standards.
  • After-sales support: We have a rapid action team, which is ready 24x7 to help our customers with any technical difficulty. They make sure that businesses focus on earning profits and not technical hurdles.
  • Data Protection: Web Werks makes sure that we have redundant data copies. Data redundancy ensures there is always a copy of your data during events of original data loss or damage. This way we ensure that companies are never at loss with their data even during catastrophic situations.
  • Surveillance: For 24x7x365 monitoring of data, we have video surveillance cameras installed at our data centers. We also have highly trained security personnel that keep data secure.
  • Protection from calamities: Data redundancy ensures data safety, along with the VESDA fire alarm which is coupled with the FM 200 fire suppression system to keep fire situations under control.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Web Werks has integrated environmental monitoring systems in all our datacenters that keep a track of airflow, humidity, smoke, heat, and electricity.
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