Web Werks latest TIER IV Data Center ready for service NOW with Azure Cloud! | Webwerks

Web Werks latest TIER IV Data Center ready for service NOW with Azure Cloud!


Last week Navi Mumbai saw all the expert techies from the web hosting industry gathering up for the launch of the IBM built Tier IV data center by "Web Werks"- pioneer in web hosting and data center services. The latest facility will be known as 'One Web Werks data center.' This new state of art facility has strong service line up, exclusive Azure Cloud pack, and one of the world's largest network. A conference followed the launch where various issues were addressed and discussed which included network peering, business continuity management, recovery strategy etc.

What are the key benefits of Web Werks Network?

Web Werks assures its customers that their digital content is delivered optimally anytime, anywhere on their device through its brilliant network. Key features of Web Werks Network-:

  • Best Network Latency in India
  • Network peering with 40+ISP
  • Hosting major DNS root Servers
  • CDN
  • Media Services
  • Storage on Cloud

How do Web Werks is able to preserve Business Continuity in the face of a disaster?

Business Continuity is all about the preparedness of an organization to ensure continuity, resumption and recovery of critical business processes at an agreed level and limit the impact of the disaster on People, Processes and Infrastructure. Business Continuity Management, therefore, is not merely making arrangements for recovery of IT infrastructure, but a comprehensive plan that includes people, processes and non-IT infrastructure such as work-space etc. Data, Equipment, Site and People are 4 pillars of recovery strategy.

Web Werks DR and BC consulting is based on BCI guidelines. Other Business continuity service range of Web Werks include managed BC services, DR site colocation, DR on cloud, Managed DR hosting, migration services, Back Up storage and rapid action support 24x7x365. Web Werks and Microsoft partners to launch AzureCloud in India

  • Scalable and Reliable Infrastructure Rack Caged Cloud Setups at Mumbai Data Center
  • Economical - better priced over other cloud competitors

Web Werks also demonstrated its strength in different areas of web hosting.

  • Cost Optimization through eliminating the high costs of acquiring, infrastructure maintenance, building redundancy and expert resources
  • High Reliability, performance & scalability through redundant, consistent service levels and standard based delivery and management services
  • Multi-zone security systems integrated with latest security technologies, proactive monitoring eliminating vulnerabilities and threats. Moreover, the server security is ensured with latest firewall and other network security measures.
  • Consultative Approach: Through end-to-end solution in consultation with the customers and experienced people.
  • Managed DR services through industry certified professionals
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