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Web Hosting Package: You don't Need Everything


Look around yourself and you will find hundreds of things that you have never used. Dedicated hosting package and all other web hosting packages too have similar cases. We tend to buy things which fascinate us but use them only once or twice or never.  Similarly, many web hosting packages are loaded with features which may not be required for your kind of business. But the web hosts keep those features as that will increase the selling value of the package. These extra features may not mean anything to you, but web hosts will present it as the exclusive feature like no others have.

So, it’s better to closely analyze the features of hosting package, and it is suggested to go for personalized dedicated server or VPS hosting package. But firstly, you need to understand your web needs.

Here is a guide to help you find out your web hosting needs:

What kind of website you want to build?

If it’s an eCommerce website, your web hosting requirements will be huge and the list of features will be long. Whereas if you are interested in building a blogging website, you may not need much of specialized features. Heavy websites require dedicated server or co-location services while Windows VPS hosting will be enough for many startups. Similarly, if you expect the web traffic to be huge, then you may need enterprise dedicated server package that comes with more resources. Some businesses need specialized software and applications while others rock without it. So, analyze your business needs and personalize your web hosting package.

What should be the minimum Server Uptime for your business?

Usually, TIER IV data centers are able to deliver 99.995% server availability. While hosting at TIER III data centers delivers 99.99% uptime. 99.99% server uptime is considered to be the most ideal for stable businesses. However, data centers offering 99.95% server uptime are also reliable. However, anything below 99.95% is not advisable.

What sort of Backup services are apt?

Website backup is one of the most crucial aspects of hosting. Your data is the invaluable asset to your business, so you need to be very protective toward it because you can’t afford to lose them.

Do you need Customer support?

Customer support is an inseparable part of any hosting service. Your dedicated server host must offer 24x7x365 customer support to keep your business moving.

What kind of hosting control panel should you choose?

Choose only user-friendly control panel which comes with all the required functions and is compatible with the systems.

Define your web hosting needs and choose the best dedicated hosting package or more. Avoid getting into the trap of these extra features which are not necessary for your business.

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