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Ways to White-label your Cloud Hosting and Organization


White label cloud hosting refers to the cloud servers which a re-seller buys from the actual cloud hosting provider and re-brands it under its name, which makes it look like their creation.

Actually, White label branding is a marketing concept where a manufacturer/service provider sells his products or service to the another individual/company who relabel it under its name. It appears like their own product to the customers.

Some of the popular ways of White Label Cloud Hosting are discussed below:

Private labeling: Here the resellers brand cloud services under their name without mentioning the actual provider anywhere. The reseller label everything from interface to SLA.

Third party: Cloud providers outsource cloud services to the third parties by partnering with them only for marketing the service. The third parties are able to provide better quality and reliable service which are the major concerns for any cloud hosting provider.

Partnering for service: Another way of white label cloud hosting is to host the virtualization and managing lab environment for end users. In this white label cloud hosting program, the partner is allowed for fully branding the service in addition to billing and support system enablement.

Cloud Aggregators: The cloud aggregators partner with multiple cloud hosting providers and let them manage their clients via its command console services. Sometimes, they even manage the billing accounts of its partners.

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