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Using Cloud Solutions for Deploying Big Data Analytics Applications


As big data lays significant demands on networks, storage and servers, it's not a big deal for organization to outsource the inconvenience and IT overhead to the cloud. Cloud service providers are accepting this new challenge to grow it into an opportunity but in an attempt to successfully deploy big data applications in the cloud, service provider are forced to encounter different architectural complications.

Given the cloud's flexible aspects, it makes it more preferable for big data analytic's, where the process of crunching large unstructured data quality is operated to recognize distinct patterns and enhance organizational strategies. Experts say that the distributed feature of cloud can create further issues for big data analysis.

As they say that running Hadoop clusters and related techniques can bring severe load on storage and sometimes, the performance of cloud storage fails to meet the demand. One of the biggest reasons why organization avoid using cloud solutions for big data analysis is because the storage efficiency is low. Thus, cloud service providers need to ensure the storage performance that can boost such type of high-level computing.

Considering cloud networking and architecture

Storage performance isn't the only element that matters when it comes to addressing the growing demands concerning big data analysis in the cloud. From the perspective of cloud service providers, other than optimum storage solution there's a need for more comprehensive approach to the network and entire cloud infrastructure. This comes to understanding cloud isn't the right option for big data analysis. However, here you can consider on having an integral set of hosting solutions, which can be beneficial.

In addition, big data analysis in the cloud can raise networking issues for cloud service providers. What end-users can consider is choosing highly-reliable service providers that can let you run large data volumes speedily at extremely low cost. Instead of moving data around, you can maintain where it is and move the analytics to that data.

To sum it up, it's obvious that successful big strategies will indeed involve a comprehensive set of big data technologies, all in the cloud.

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