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Upgrading Data Center Cooling System Can Improve Energy Efficiency


The ultimate aim of cooling units is to flush out the hot air from the environment and build up cold air to keep the systems from breaking down. Now that’s the catch there because data center technicians need to ensure that the required temperature is maintained within the server room all the while. Inefficient cooling units add up to the IT expenditure and maintaining the efficiency level is becoming a challenging task for data center operations managers. If traditional cooling units are soaring up IT expenses, switch to the modern systems that can reduce CapEx.

It’s high time you move to new cooling approaches, as there are a plethora of choices available. The concept is lengthy, but I’ll just pen down a few key notes that I think you must know.


Using hot aisle/cold aisle containments as a solution can reduce energy wastage. Instead of initiating full containments, consider partial containments i.e. closing off the ends, which can increase efficiency by 80%. Because full containments are blocked entirely, it obstructs water dispersion as well as fire suppression, which is risky for the environment. The alternative to this are installing sprinkler/inert gas or deploying partial containments.

Kyoto Cooling

KyotoCooling also known as Kyoto wheels are large thermal wheels that rotates to bring cold outside air inside and exhaust the internal hot air outside. It works as a heat exchanger, bringing in very less amount of outside air and uses 75-95% of less energy. The efficiency rate is extremely high and that makes it preferable than the other alternates.

Adiabatic cooling

A type of evaporative cooling, it depletes heat from the environment by converting water into vapor. So let me explain how this exactly works: in a dry, warm climate, water is sprayed on the outside of the chamber that leads to quick evaporation of water, which cools down the chamber instantly. When warm air is passed through the insides of the chamber concurrently, the air is cooled down. This is yet another efficient approach to cooling data center, as it uses water less than the chiller cooling system.

These entire cooling techniques act as energy savers and helps in keeping IT costs as low as possible. Now you need to decide which approach would best suit your needs.

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