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The Unseen Threats Buried in Your Computer Systems


Every system on this planet, whether in a data centers or at your home, is vulnerable to outside threats, which is avoidable though. But what about the network security threats that lie right on the inside. The proportion of threat within any organization or enterprise is not definite, it can range anywhere between minimum to maximum. However, the path of susceptibility is built through passive threat, which doesn’t actively attack your system, but waits for an opportunity that can let the invader cause a breach.

Passive Threat

Passive attacks look out for unencrypted data, clear-text passwords and other open ports and sensitive information. In simple words, an invader sits idle doing nothing and expects an input from the victim that a hacker can use to access confidential and sensitive data. For example, take your busy employees. In all the hustle and bustle, they barely give any thought to practicing proper computer hygiene. With the growing vulnerability, people fail to understand the essentially of maintaining gadgets and devices and strengthening security. Attaching devices to an unknown system, connecting to external networks, lending your gadget, all can bring with them the unwanted threats along. The inconsiderate attitude of users towards their devices lets attackers do their job.

Mobile device usage is increasing each day because they are highly convenient, but amid the loop of convenience make sure you don’t forget the fact that most of your documentation on the device are unencrypted. So you know that your data is not secure and can be compromised any time.

Other hidden threats

You may not be aware about these, but there are a host of other computer security threats one of which is dormant data. In an organization, new employees come in, while others leave, but the data created remains intact and lies somewhere in the system. This increase dormant user accounts, the perfect place for hackers to develop their profile and intensify their motive. However, even security specialists often fall short of resources that can abate the internal threats.

The concept of network security will always remain a topic for debate. Therefore, more new technologies must be formulated which should come from highly skilled inventors. The better the technology, the more efficiently we can fight against the bad force.

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