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Understanding the Marketing Cloud


Marketing cloud is the strength of the digital marketing world. The definition of cloud marketing is diverse. To keep it simple, cloud marketing is a platform that allows digital marketers to advertise their products and services via social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more. The platform is simplifying, streamlining and optimizing business operations. Marketing cloud is dynamically replacing the conventional approach with a modern technique wherein it makes the action and the results of the data distributed online measurable.

Advantages of Marketing Cloud

  • Scales down business expenses: Instead of printing documents and spending money on it, companies can convert the hard copy into soft copy and distribute it online among the users. They longer need to deal with sending catalogs and newsletters via email, as there are plenty of other faster and economical digital options to get in touch with customers. It further reduces resource wastage, as advertisements are produced only when needed. Thus, there won’t be any paperwork to do or waste.
  • Increased flexibility :The cloud solution enables companies to get more creative and interactive by customizing their advertising that reaches the niche audience. The flexibility to personalize your own advertisements encourages more focused strategy and effective promotion.
  • Time-efficient :Unlike the traditional advertisement concept that comes with a deadline, digital promotion has no deadline and you can publish or remove your ad whenever you want to. So there is no chance of your broadcast becoming invalid. When your campaign is over, you can take down your display.

Is marketing cloud suitable for all?

Every business must create their presence online in order to connect with their online customers. Moreover, it has become quite standard for enterprises to generate their social media presence. However, there are still many organizations yet going along with the on-premise solution because they consider it more secure. Experts claim that if businesses are performing effectively with on-premise solution, there is no compulsion to shift to the cloud.

However, Cloud web hosting are more secure, better, faster and cheaper solution. Marketing cloud is bridging the gap between enterprise and consumers and delivering services that are more satisfying. But it is just the beginning and cloud has a long way to go, with so many advancements yet to come.

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