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Understand the Financial Impacts of server-based computing


Although Server-based computing incurs capital costs, but it can offer the best computing environment for the users. Actually, the server based computing offers the IT managers with much secured, manageable and effective computing model. The computing environment is ever-changing, this requires IT professionals to keep working towards improving the efficiency of business critical applications.

To control the IT costs, the enterprises should leverage everything in the latest server based computing architecture. Compared to distributed PC computing model, where the software is maintained at the local PC, Server-based computing is managed centrally, offering more security and affordability. Sometimes, this is also termed as thin-client computing model.

Why choose Server-based computing model?

  • It reduces hardware & software costs: There is no more lingering of desktop environment as server is taking care of most of the things. So every cubicle doesn't need to have to be controlled by desktop computer.
  • Eliminated data loss risks: Since the data is centrally managed in case of server based computing, so there is no storage on the user's machine, so there is decreased risk of data loss or theft.
  • Efficient IT management: Updates, edits, changes etc. can be done on multiple systems at once, which makes server-based computing very fast as compared to traditional ones.

Understanding the Financial impacts of server based computing:

  • Estimate the server sizing
  • Assess the Scalability requirements
  • Identify the possible server architectures
  • Choose between small server (Blade or rack optimized server) or virtualization servers

Server based computing is implemented for branch environment as organizations with remote branch locations face technical and operational issues. With server based computing, applications can be deployed, managed and supported through central server. It is one of the IT architectures that organizations can employ to address the application needs. This computing model needs certification, testing, planning and budgeting.

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