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Types of DDoS attacks seen in India lately over various Networks


Distributed Denial of Service is an attack which intends to interrupt network infrastructure of the targeted users through multiple connected devices distributed across the internet. There are several ways in which attackers try to interrupt and saturate the network services of the target user by hitting it with huge traffic volume.

Reports claim that many of these attacks are being launched from India. According to the sources, India accounts for 26% of DDoS attacks through gaming applications, music and other media downloads, software etc. While countries like US, China account for lesser percentages.

However, this never means that these cyber attackers are from India. But definitely, bot infected machines in the country are being remotely used as the medium for such lethal DDoS attacks by some cyber goons sitting at distant locations.

Actually according to experts, DDoS attacks are usually attempted from the countries with greater no. of bot infected computers. India has huge no. of bot infected computers because of less awareness and adoption of security measures. And cyber goons use these bot infected computers in India as medium for DDoS attacks.

Types of DDoS attacks seen in India lately over various Networks are

  • Flood attacks: As the name implies, flood attack is the attack mechanism where a remote system is flooded with traffic and it eats up all the resources of the intended server, CPU, memory or network resources. As a result the target site goes down and ultimately, it crashes.
  • Software Attacks: A set of malicious elements are designed to target the software bugs in the intended machine. However this type of DDoS attack is quite easy to deflect with specific firewalls settings.
  • DDoS attack are one of the practices against the cyber and internet laws. Sometimes DDoS attacks are also planted against competitors to gain an advantage in business. Many organization have bear the brunt of DDoS attack in recent time.

There are several ways which can be instrumental in preventing DDoS attack

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and secure them with firewalls and other security measures
  • Rule out any DDoS attack through proper security planning and taking preventive measures
  • DDoS mitigation tools are another effective way to rule out any notorious traffic
  • A constant network monitoring can help preventing any susceptibility of DDoS attack
  • Third party DDoS security providers
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