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Trigger and Effect: The Invisible Risk in Your Data Centers


As data centers are outnumbering and growing excessively powerful, it is also becoming a complex technical concept. Until now, these modern technologies have boosted efficiency in the IT world, but have similarly soared complications within the environment. Below outlined are a couple of risk factors that remain unnoticed in data center and tend to cause serious damage.

Water treatment system

Data center professionals must garner equal attention to every nook and corner of the infrastructure to keep it risk-free. Robert O’Donnell, Data Center World speaker says that one of the many threats that remain hidden and dominant is water treatment program. He also describes that it is the most overlooked area in data centers.

Water treatment controller measures the quality of the water that passes through the chiller plant in the infrastructure. However, failure to maintain these controllers can corrode the system or promote microbiological growth that can totally influence water condition and affect data center efficiency in no time. To avoid these troubles, data center managers must keep a check on the systems and ensure to use right equipment that is corrosion free.

Undocumented hardware interactions

The functionality of applications in data center relies on distinct software running on servers that are connected to network and storage components. These hardware and software share mission-critical interactions, which is either recorded or unrecorded. According to experts, the undocumented interactions are intensely risky as it can hamper the connection of applications supporting data center operations, which can ultimately lead to application outage.

To diminish the invisible risk factor, you need to analyze the interactions occurring between inter-server and inter-applications. There are number of other elements that need to be acknowledged in order to reach to the core of the issue.

These potential risks within data center might pose some threats for the infrastructure, leading to serious consequences. To reduce the negative effects, make sure you regularly examine your data center to detect possible uncertainty.

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