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Top Cloud Certifications Your Should Consider


Cloud technology has turned to be more integral to IT domain than ever and so is the professionals with keen skills and knowledge critical to manage the cloud sphere and tackle the challenges it brings in. As organizations continue to move towards cloud technologies, the demand for able cloud computing professionals is increasing as well. If you're the one looking to add more weight to your profile and want to gain recognition in the cloud world, then cloud certification is something that can be of a great help.

Certification adds to your skills and knowledge and proves that you have the required set of proficiency. Here is a list of top cloud computing certifications you should consider.

  1. CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud+ credential was introduced in October 2013, while before that, Cloud Essentials remained the only credential of CompTIA. Cloud+ certification is more solid than the Cloud Essentials credential and it specifically focused on more skilled cloud professionals. Besides, it certifies both cloud and virtualization skills.

In order to obtain this certification, professionals should have an insight to cloud basics, techniques, security, and industry-best practices. Furthermore, they should also have the ability to manage and maintain a cloud infrastructure and experienced in the IT networking field, data center administration or network storage. This certification is valid for three years and professionals already with additional certifications such as CompTIA+, Network+ or Security+, Cloud+ is a bonus to it.

  1. VMware Certified Professionals

Right from the beginners to advanced candidates, the virtualization pioneer delivers six cloud-oriented certifications. These cloud-specific credentials justifies knowledge and expertise in a range of cloud and virtualization methods and techniques. These offerings combine of VMware Certified Associate Cloud, VMware Certified Advanced Professional, and VMware Certified Professional Cloud among others.

All the study materials are available through Vmware, however, it is recommended that you have some experience in the cloud and virtualization field.

  1. Dell EMCCA: EMC Cloud Architect

There is no big sort of difference between the Dell EMC certification and other 12 certifications tracks that comes from EMC, offering multiple credentials. The only difference is that the website now refers Dell EMC.

This particular certification consists of three different certifications that includes Associate, Specialist and Expert and all these certifications require or have suggested training cost. The fees can range from $600, which is for on-demand instructor-led streaming and $5000 for instructor-led in-classroom delivery. Moreover, the exam vouchers are included in the overall training expense. However, there a few exceptions that is candidates who are active military, veterans or family member are eligible to reimburse their exam fees.

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