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Top 5 Cloud Predictions For 2016


2015 outlined an interesting canvas for cloud computing market. Several acquisitions and deals were made on the one hand while on the other their market became more competitive and intense. Major players- Google, Amazon and Microsoft were into the tug of a price war to gain more market share. Amidst all these highs and lows, 2016 has arrived.

And here are few cloud predictions for 2016 based on last year’s developments as well as market trends:

Prediction 1- Cloud market will continue to grow:

The acceptance for cloud solution will continue to grow in 2016 as the entrepreneurship across the world is growing exponentially. Startups and SMEs are emerging and rising steadily creating more and more sales opportunities for cloud providers. 

Prediction 2- Shift of communication solutions to the cloud:

Adoption of cloud technology will surpass the ‘start-up thing’ perception. Bigger enterprises, even the large corporate including fortune 500 companies will begin to migrate to the cloud. Cloud providers will be looked upon for communication services because all communication solutions will be shifted and collaborated to the cloud. It is much more economical, automated as well as space and time efficient. 

Prediction 3- Significant emergence of Smart agents:

Smart agents mean the artificial intelligence integrated with the cloud. Smart agents in the cloud will monitor the user content and behavior, ultimately to gather information through cloud hosted networks. These data will help in determining the users’ needs in real time. Smart agents will mark the beginning of Post-app era in 2016. 

Prediction 4- Cloud security will still be a serious issue:

Although cloud services are much more secured than any other services. Also, in the past years, there have been very few cloud security cases. But, now cloud security needs serious attention, more than ever, because 2016 will also see the rise of IoT. However, according to a Gartner’s newsroom report, “By 2020, 95% of the cloud security failures will be customers’ fault.” 

Prediction 5- New Tools and Methods to be developed to support app migration:

Enterprises will continue to migrate to cloud, so the cloud providers are going to come up with new tools and methods to support the app migration for secure and efficient outcome.


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