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Steps for Declaring a Disaster at Business


Do you have a recovery plan in place? With the right disaster recovery solutions, you can efficiently handle your business when a disaster strikes. Here we are not just talking about the physical protection of the enterprise, but protecting enterprise resources such as digital data and applications. Apart from informing the emergency service, there are couple of other things that you need to do in order to upkeep business continuity such as using cloud solutions for backups and more. Understanding recovery aspects enable businesses to prepare for fast and streamlined recovery and act wisely in the advent of disaster.

1. Determine the severity

Determine the intensity and scope of disaster. Identifying the impact will enable your enterprise to react proactively to prevent risk factors while reducing consequent threats.

2. Inform Senior Management

Take help from the organization's executive sponsor as it will assist in building and executing an ideal disaster recovery plan. It's not easy to recovery processes and risk prevention and thus, demands high-level decisions and support from the required upper management team.

3. Inform Disaster Recovery Team

What we often forget is to inform the disaster recovery team, which is the service provider taking care of all your backed up data. When a disaster strikes, make sure to notify the DR site staff immediately so that they can respond accordingly.

4. Be transparent

Inform your customers about the incidence as this will enable them to take precaution and make the required alternatives. If you fail to inform your customers of the disaster, they will eventually discover and come back negatively and this will definitely have an impact on your reputation.

5. Enforce Disaster Recovery Plan

When you design a disaster recovery plan, make sure you go the best service provider that can offer you potential recovery plans. Effective recovery plan ensures to limit damages and resume business with minimal influence on end-users.

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